Hip-Hop Artists with Weed Brands

Which hip-hop artists have weed brands?

by Bud Media Team · March 14, 2023

Hip-Hop Artists with Weed Brands

If you "smoke weed everyday" as Nate Dogg famously declared at the end "The Next Episode" by Snoop Dogg on a Dr. Dre backed track, you're gonna need some steady supply.

Here is our growing list of hip-hop artists and rappers with cannabis brands and products:

CHB by Cypress Hill

We are proud to say that bud.com helped Cypress Hill launch their CHB weed brand back in 2018. We threw a party in Hollywood and Chuck D from Public Enemy attended!! Plus we got to smoke out with B Real, Sen Dog, DJ Muggs, and more rap luminaries.

In the photo above you can see the members of Cypress Hill with Chuck D standing in front of the 2018-era bud.com logo.

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Today B-Real from Cypress Hill also has his own chain of dispensaries in California called Dr. Greenthumb's, and a brand of flower Insane with collaborator Kenji Fujishima.

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Cactus Farms by Travis Scott

In partnership with Connected Cannabis, Travis Scott launched this brand in 2021 in a limited number of states.

Cookies by Berner

Cookies is a legendary brand from rapper Berner, AKA Gilbert Anthony Milam Jr. Cookies managed to create a widespread streetwear brand around a group of popular strains. Burner has supplied weed to and performed with some of rap's biggest legends. Cookies has even opened up a shop in Thailand. We celebrated Berner in our article about inspiring leaders in cannabis.

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Death Row Cannabis by Snoop Dogg

"Death Row is the label that pays me," rapped Snoop Dogg, back in the days when Suge Knight was in charge. Today Death Row Cannabis is Snoop's weed brand, following on Leafs by Snoop the Doggfather's earlier effort to bring weed to the people.

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FlowerShop by Rapper G-Eazy

Rapper G-Eazy has launched his own cannabis brand called FlowerShop.

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Fryday Kush by Ice Cube

NWA veteran and a strong voice in the early days of Gangster Rap, Ice Cube later starred in the Friday series of movies where weed is at the heart of the story. Now I’ve Cube has partnered with Caviar Gold to bring his own range of products to market.

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Gas by 2 Chainz

2 Chainz had his tour bus stopped and 11 people arrested in Oklahoma in 2013. 2 Chainz, born as Tauheed Epps, and his crew have seen first hand how cannabis laws and regulations can play out in a hostile environment. Now he is celebrating more cannabis peace and access with his own weed brand Gas.

GKUA Ultra Premium from Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne brings GKU Ultra Premium, a brand of vapes.

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Kalifa Kush from Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa is fond of cannabis, and his strain Khalifa Kush is one of the ways he works to share his weed love with the people. Khalifa Kush has been around for a long while, now he's launched a weed brand to make his own products.

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Leaves of Legend

Sharing a name with Krayzie Bone's album celebrating marijuana, Leaves of Legend is the weed brand from that member of the melodic rap group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

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Monogram by Jay-Z

Jay-Z has famously rapped about his life on the streets before he became a music & cannabis industry executive. His Monogram brand promises a prestige smoking experience.

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Moonrocks by Kurupt

Kurupt was instrumental in gangsta rap as one-half of the Dogg pound, and some say that he invented [Moonrocks]https://bud.com/moonrocks/). Born as Ricardo Emmanuel Brown, Kurupt helped start a Canadian brand called Gotti Gold, while in the United States some of the Kurupt's Moonrocks you'll see advertised out there are not affiliated with the legend.

Napalm by Xzibit

Napalm never stopped spitting rhymes and now he's stepped forward with Napalm his cannabis brand.

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Rich & Ruthless by Lil Eazy-E

NWA was one of the pioneers of gangsta rap. The fierce frontman Eric "Eazy-E" Wright didn't survive to see his son Lil Eazy-E launch his weed brand called Rich & Ruthless.

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Sunset Connect by RBL Posse

Bay Area legends of rap RBL Posse who loudly proclaimed "don't gimme no bammer weed" have teamed up with Sunset Connect to produce their own cannabis.

Saucey by Jim Jones

New York City born Jim Jones has been a rapper and record executive - now he's the creative force behind Saucey, a brand of flower, concentrates, and more.

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That Badu by Erykah Badu

In 2023, soul singer Erykah Badu launched a weed brand That Badu as well as accessories brand called Apple Trees.

The Too $hort Brand

Remember Life is, Too Short? Maybe you'll have a chance to say "This Weed Is, Too Short." if you can get your hands on the weed brand from Todd Anthony Shaw, AKA Too $hort a legendary rapper born in Los Angeles and raised in Oakland California.

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Thizz Nation from Mac Dre

Mac Dre RIP - this Bay Area rap legend helped launch hyphy but couldn't make it to celebrate with us today. Today the Thizz Nation brand is run by his mother Mac Wanda, who uses the proceeds to support local rappers and artists celebrating the life & spirit of Mac Dre.

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Tical from Method Man

While his career started with the Wu Tang music group, Method Man has expanded his reach to acting, writing, producing, and a long time collaboration with fellow rapper Redman. A longtime celebrant of weed, Method Man launched a weed brand sharing a name with his first album: Tical.

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Aphrodisiac by Lil Kim

Bold and bawdy rapper Lil Kim announced a weed brand in 2021 to launch in conjunction with superbad inc.

Looking out for more hip-hop weed brands

Rap has helped us see the outside world and the world inside us. We hope rap stars can continue to share what they love with their fans and supporters, including good weed! We'll keep our eye out for other hip-hop stars with their own brands and we'll keep you posted.