Weed Delivery in Los Angeles

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These are perfect for a subtle tap on your mood or to build blocks for chronic relief. Pick a convenient THC or CBD gummy or fruit chew:

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Key Lime
THC: 100% 0.1g
Raspberry Gummies
THC: 100% 0.1g
Peach 2:1 CBD:THC
20:1 Strawberry
Huckleberry Gummies


Premium and value flower deals from top Cali cultivators:

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THC: 21.85% 4.2g
Those 4.20s Indica
THC: 19.2% 3.5g
Blue City Diesel
THC: 19.98% 7g
Happy Pineapple
Tutti Indica
THC: 26.99% 3.5g
Wedding Cake 3.5g Eighth
THC: 26.22% 3.5g
Wheels OG
THC: 17.98% 3.5g
Yellow Limonene / Inspire
Tutti Hybrid
Fire OG
THC: 21.1% 3.5g
Golden Lemons
Tutti Sativa
THC: 18.44% 28g
Hybrid Shake
THC: 21.85% 4.2g
Those 4.20s Indica
THC: 19.98% 7g
Happy Pineapple
THC: 18.44% 28g
Indica Shake
THC: 23% 3.5g
Cali Gas smalls
THC: 20.81% 3.5g
Smoakland Salad
THC: 17.14% 14g
Gelatahoe Smalls
THC: 24.39% 3.5g
Pai Gow
THC: 18.16% 3.5g
THC: 24.32% 3.5g
Flo White
Peanut Butter
Crush Berries
THC: 17.21% 3.5g
THC: 16.99% 3.5g


Grab and toke- find pre-rolls, blunts, and infused joints:

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THC: 22% 3.5g
OG Legend 5 pack
THC: 22% 0.5g
3 Bears 0G
THC: 18.74% 0.7g
Pincher's Creek
Rainbow Mix
THC: 22.85% 0.7g
THC: 21.6% 1g
Pink Gelatti
Durban Cookies
THC: 11.37% 0.7g
Holy Crunch single
THC: 21.11% 1g
True OG 1g Preroll
THC: 18.41% 1g
Blue Zkittlez
THC: 17.39% 3.5g
Classic Purps 5 pack
THC: 17.07% 3.5g
Trainwreck 5 pack
THC: 24.51% 1g
Rainbow Kush
THC: 31.17% 3g
Calm 106 - 3g Pack

Vape Cartridges

Choose one of our regular & live resin THC and CBD vape cartridges or carts that work with 510-thread vape batteries (the most common):

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THC: 71.2% 1g
SFV OG (1g)
THC: 57.727% 0.5g
OG Citron 2:1 THC:CBD
THC: 68.79% 0.5g
Gelato .5g High Potency
THC: 77.8% 0.5g
Blue City Diesel
THC: 69.6% 0.5g
THC: 68.2% 1g
Forbidden Fruit
Blue Dream
THC: 68.1% 1g
Ambrosia Live Resin
THC: 80.2% 0.5g
Lemon Cake (.5g)
THC: 59.2% 0.5g
Primo Cherry 2:1 THC:CBD
THC: 66.46% 1g
GSC Live Resin
THC: 69.68% 1g
Tropical Sherbert Live Resin
THC: 67.5% 1g
Gorilla Snacks
Gelato 33
THC: 71.4% 1g
Lemon Cake (1g)
THC: 75.6% 0.5g
Gorilla Snacks (.5g)
THC: 76.65% 0.5g
SFV OG (.5g)
Kush Mints
Tahoe OG
Tahoe OG
THC: 71.38% 1g
Melon Glue Live Resin
Sugar Stomper

Vape Pods

Find vape pods to work with Pax Era, Stiiizy, Grenco Gio G-Pen, DART, AiroPro and more:

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THC: 72.2% 0.5g
Mint Cookies Dart
Jet Fuel
THC: 85.11% 0.5g
Sour Tangie .5g Pod Half Gram
THC: 90.19% 1g
OG Kush
THC: 79.47% 1g
Super Glue 1g Live Resin Pod
THC: 87.84% 1g
Premium Jack Full Gram
THC: 81.73% 0.5g
Bliss PLUS 200 Dose POD
THC: 87.33% 0.5g
Gelato Cannabis Derived Terps
THC: 39.09% 1g
1:1 Mango
THC: 84.86% 0.5g
SFV OG Stiiizy
Relief 200 Dose POD
THC: 83% 1g
THC: 88.2% 0.5g
Blue Dream Stiiizy Pod
THC: 87.85% 0.5g
THC: 88.24% 0.5g
Purple Punch Pod
THC: 86.25% 0.5g
Gelato Pod .5g Half Gram
THC: 85.6% 1g
Watermelon Z Pod
THC: 89.37% 1g
Gelato Full Gram
THC: 88.24% 0.5g
Melonwreck Dart
THC: 85.6% 0.5g
Watermelon Z .5g Pod
Gelato Clouds
THC: 43.42% 1g
1:1 Juicy Melon
Lemonnade Sorbet Pod
THC: 88.24% 1g
THC: 83.37% 0.5g
Relax PLUS 200 Dose POD
Calm 200 Dose POD
THC: 92.58% 0.5g
Premium Jack .5g
THC: 86.76% 0.5g
Chemdawg Cannabis Derived Terps
THC: 87.57% 0.5g
OG Kush Cannabis Derived Terps
Skywalker 0.5g Pod

Vape Pens

Find all-in-one, or disposable vape pens that include all you need to vaporize cannabis:

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THC: 32.37% 0.5g
1:1 Juicy Melon Liiil Stiiizy
THC: 85.11% 0.5g
Hardcore OG Liiil Stiiizy
Watermelon Z LIIIL
Blue Dream LIIIL
THC: 85.11% 0.5g
OG (h)
Skywalker (i)
Sour Diesel
THC: 82.45% 0.5g
Haze (s)
THC: 80.62% 0.3g
Malibu OG .3g Disposable
1:1 (cbd)
THC: 79.14% 0.5g
Blue Burst Liiil Stiiizy
THC: 88.67% 0.5g
GDP Liiil Stiiizy
Kush (i)
THC: 91% 0.5g
Ghost OG
THC: 75% 0.5g
Naked AF Hybrid .5g
THC: 75% 0.5g
Naked AF Sativa .5g
THC: 30.4% 0.5g
Lemon Lime 1:1 CBD:THC
THC: 91% 0.5g
Skywalker OG Tangerine
THC: 91% 0.5g
Blue Dream
THC: 75% 0.5g
Naked AF Indica .5g
THC: 91% 0.5g
THC: 91% 0.5g
OG Kush Blood Orange
THC: 91% 0.5g
Sour Diesel Lime


Measured and microdose THC and CBD edibles:

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Milk Chocolate Bar
Dark Chocolate Bar
Root Beer Drops


THC and CBD beverages, teas, colas, and more liquid innovations:

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Grape Drink Mix
Guava Drink Mix
Pear Vanilla
Cranberry Sage 4 Pack
Blood Orange Cardamom


These capsules, soft gels, spray, tinctures, or suppositories offer a measured dose of cannabis:

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Doze 5:1
Mood Magic


High potency shatters, live resins, crumbles, waxes and hashes:

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Sauce Hybrid
Pineapple OG
THC: 70.13% 0.5g
Banana Cream RXO RSO Shatter
THC: 52% 1g
Runtz Cold Water Hash
THC: 54.26% 1g
Indica Fire OG Hash
THC: 68.56% 0.5g
Oryan Og RXO RSO Shatter
THC: 68.2% 1g
Garanimals Live Resin
Sauce Sativa
Sauce Indica
Grape Kush
Fire OG
THC: 80.27% 1g
Tangie Diamond Sauce
THC: 72.33% 1g
Garanimals Live Resin Sauce
THC: 48.16% 1g
GMO Cold Water Hash
THC: 76.56% 1g
Sensi Skunk Live Resin Crumble
THC: 51.12% 1g
Dosiface Cold Water Hash
THC: 74.66% 1g
Grape Kush Live Resin Sugar
THC: 42.47% 1g
Wildland Haze Cold Water Hash
THC: 76.77% 1g
Sour Kosher Sugar One Gram
THC: 52.52% 1g
Cuvee Cold Water Hash
THC: 732.23% 1g
GMO Micro Diamonds


Try a cannabis topical for localized pain relief:

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CBD or cannabidiol products that could offer some potential relaxation or focus benefits:

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THC: 57.727% 0.5g
OG Citron 2:1 THC:CBD
THC: 14.15% 3.5g
OG Citron 2:1 CBD Sativa 8th
THC: 11.37% 0.7g
Holy Crunch single
THC: 59.2% 0.5g
Primo Cherry 2:1 THC:CBD
THC: 32.37% 0.5g
1:1 Juicy Melon Liiil Stiiizy


Fetch some relief with pet-formulated tinctures, topicals, and edibles:

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Seeds & Clones

Grow your own from these seeds and starts we can bring you:

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Smoking and vaping accessories, from lighters and rolling papers to bongs and dab rigs.

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CBCB Mask By Amy
Green Battery
Black Battery
1 1/4" Orange

Welcome to Cannabis: Advice for for New Users

If you are thinking to try marijuana for the first time, please know that you may experience different effects from different products.

If there's something specific you'd like to feel from cannabis, we've broken down two of the primary effects below:

  • Shift Your Thinking – For some people weed offers a sort of mental or emotional liberation. A bit cannabis can yield some creative inspiration, encouragement to try a new direction. If this sounds like something you'd like to try, you might sample some Sativa-type products. These have “THC” (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is a key compound in cannabis that can excite the mind.

  • Relieve Body Pain – Medical cannabis users know cannabis as a ready way to ease anxiety and chronic pain. Products that focus on body relief tend to contain more CBD and Indica. These's a wide range of symptoms people have alleviated with cannabis.

For some folks, they might use a Sativa during the day for energy, and then an Indica in the evening to wind down or even prepare to sleep.

bud.com makes shopping for cannabis convenient and trustworthy. We serve new and experienced weed customers. We can bring you a small order, or we can bring you a bulk order to your doorstep. We carry a wide range of popular cannabis products, including gummies, vapes, prerolls, flower, brownies, cookies, mints, chocolates, accessories, and so much more. We work with quality legal dispensaries in Los Angeles to provide a dependable delivery service.

Things To Know When Shopping for Weed in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is awash in weed: much of it illegal. There are plenty of hard-working folks with quality product in the illegal market - but how do you know what you're getting? Shopping in Los Angeles, the trick is to find tested cannabis. At bud.com, we only work with legal providers selling tested products.

So if you plan to order delivery weed in Los Angeles, be aware of local laws and best practices:

  • You must be at least 21 years old to order delivery cannabis
  • Be prepared to show official ID to verify your age over 21
  • Depending on where you are, you can pay for your purchase either with a cash payment, a debit card, or a credit card.

During the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), we advise wearing a mask when collecting your cannabis order.

Please have your ID and payment ready at the time of delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together a few answers to common questions asked by our customers in Los Angeles:

How do I order delivery from bud.com?

Check out the products available on our site. Find something that looks good to you. Add promising products to your cart. Once you have picked your selections, proceed to checkout. You'll receive a message of confirmation once you have placed your order.

How can I get weed delivered in Los Angeles?

Recreational cannabis delivery is legal in California. Medical cannabis has been legal since 1996, 146 years after California was admitted to the union in 1850. Recreational cannabis was legalized in 2018 and weed delivery is legal. If your local laws are still restricting access or excessive taxes make prices high, you could rally with other Californians for California marijuana legalization in Sacramento the capital some 433 miles away. When we serve your area near Los Angeles, enter your zip code to shop with your closest legal dispensary in the Golden State. If you're looking for other hemp-derived wellness products, visit our sibling site Hemp Shop, we ship to California.

Where could I get cannabis delivered near Los Angeles, CA?

For cannabis delivery service near Los Angeles we'll be looking for these zip codes: 90291 90293 90292 91316 91311 90037 90031 90008 90004 90005 90006 90007 90001 90002 90003 90710 90089 91344 91345 91340 91342 91343 90035 90034 90036 90033 90032 90039 90247 90248 91436 91371 91605 91604 91607 91601 91602 90402 90068 90069 90062 90063 90061 90066 90067 90064 90065 91326 91324 91325 90013 90012 90011 90010 90017 90016 90015 90014 90019 90090 90095 90094 91042 91040 91411 91352 91356 90041 90042 90043 90044 90045 90046 90047 90048 90049 90018 91423 90210 91303 91304 91306 91307 90079 90071 90077 90059 91608 91606 91331 91330 91335 90026 90027 90024 90025 90023 90020 90021 90028 90029 90272 90732 90731 90230 91406 91405 91403 91402 91401 91367 91364 90038 90057 90058 90744 90501 90502 90009 90030 90050 90051 90053 90054 90055 90060 90070 90072 90074 90075 90076 90078 90080 90081 90082 90083 90084 90086 90087 90088 90093 90099 90134 90189 90213 90294 90295 90296 90733 90734 90748 91041 91043 91305 91308 91309 91313 91327 91328 91329 91333 91334 91337 91346 91353 91357 91365 91392 91393 91394 91395 91396 91404 91407 91408 91409 91410 91412 91413 91416 91426 91470 91482 91495 91496 91499 91603 91609 91610 91611 91612 91614 91615 91616 91617 91618.

In Los Angeles County we'll be looking for these other cities: Los Angeles, Long Beach, Lancaster, Santa Clarita, Glendale, Palmdale, Pomona, Torrance, Pasadena, East Los Angeles, El Monte, Downey, Inglewood, West Covina, Norwalk, Burbank, Compton, South Gate, Carson, Santa Monica, Hawthorne, Whittier, Alhambra, Lakewood, Bellflower, Baldwin Park, Lynwood, Redondo Beach, Pico Rivera, Montebello, Monterey Park, Gardena, Arcadia, Huntington Park, Diamond Bar, Rosemead, Paramount, Glendora, Azusa, Cerritos, La Mirada, Covina, Bell Gardens, Rancho Palos Verdes, San Gabriel, La Puente, Culver City, West Hollywood, Monrovia, Claremont, Temple City, Bell, Manhattan Beach, Beverly Hills, San Dimas, Lawndale, La Verne, Walnut, Maywood, South Pasadena, San Fernando, Calabasas, Cudahy, Duarte, South El Monte, Lomita, Agoura Hills, La Cañada Flintridge, Hermosa Beach, Malibu, Topanga.

Can seniors and veterans get a discount on Los Angeles weed delivery?

According to recent census data for California, 17.6% of Angelenos are aged 60 or over. And also according to recent census data, 2.7% of people are veterans. Depending on your location we offer senior discounts and veteran discounts, in consultation with groups like Operation EVAC.

What should a new cannabis user in Los Angeles, California order?

The highest point of elevation in California is Mount Whitney, 227 miles from Los Angeles - you might not want to get that high your first few times. We have a FAQ giving basic product recommendations for beginners to help you dose right in L.A.. We feature a wide range of affordable choices.