Joints, infused pre-rolls, and blunts are popular, easy to use products. Just light up and enjoy. Bud offers an array of pre-roll sizes, available as individual singles, or in multipacks.


What is a cannabis pre-roll?

A pre-roll is the cannabis version of a tobacco cigarette. Prerolls are mass-produced joints, sold in a ready-to-smoke format. Other commonly used slang terms for pre-rolls are; joint, doobie, doob, bomber, J, fatty, doink, spliff, blunt, blizzy, bone, and marijuana cigarette.

What are the most popular sizes/weights of prerolls?

Pre-rolled joints are made in an array of sizes, from a .3g ‘dogwalker’ to multi gram party joints that can exceed 3.5g. The most popular pre-roll sizes are .5g, .7g, and 1G formats. Pre-rolls are available in multipacks or as singles.

What are infused pre-rolls?

For added potency, some prerolls are infused with hash, kief, shatter, oil, terpenes, or any number of concentrates. Popular infused pre-roll brands include Tarantula, Fuzzies, Space Coyote, and Biscotti.

Are pre-rolls better than rolling your own?

Pre-rolls are more convenient than rolling your own, and do not require learning to roll, or needing a grinder and rolling papers (aka Zig-Zags). Pre-rolls are machine produced for accuracy and consistency. Many “OG smokers” or traditionalists prefer to roll their own because of the notion that pre-rolls are inferior because the flower tends to dry out and lose some of its aroma and taste. However advancements in packaging and pre-roll manufacturing technology have led to highly improved pre-roll quality in 2021.

THC: 22% 0.5g
3 Bears 0G
Gelato Float
THC: 42.1% 1g
Mango Smoothie
THC: 37.7% 2g
Dolcetti 4PK
THC: 22.38% 1g
Peach Flambe
THC: 21.36% 1g
Dosi Dog
THC: 24.06% 0.5g
Lava Cake Cannoli Preroll SALE
THC: 19.61% 1g
Lava Cake
THC: 50.7% 1.5g
Fuzzies King Papaya
THC: 26.71% 3.5g
Bedtime Indica 6PK
THC: 24.17% 3g
Calm 101 6 pack
THC: 19.66% 1.5g
Blue Dream King Fuzzies
THC: 25.31% 1g
Animal Face Liiit
THC: 20.02% 3.5g
Runtz 6PK
THC: 48.88% 1.5g
Fuzzies King Gelato
THC: 26.5% 3.5g
Bacio Gelato 10-Pack
THC: 30% 1g
Banana Macaroon
THC: 23.8% 1g
Cookies Liiit
THC: 23.17% 1g
Prometheus 1g Preroll
THC: 20% 1g
LIIIT - White Raspberry
THC: 27.48% 1g
Calm 101
THC: 41.93% 3.5g
Banana OG 5pk
THC: 24.14% 1g
TK Ninety One
THC: 25.49% 3.5g
Mochi Gelato 10-Pack
THC: 20.83% 3.5g
Banana Pudding 6PK
THC: 21.73% 1g
Grape Pie
THC: 45.08% 0.5g
THC: 3.67% 2g
Do -Si -Do 4PK
THC: 32.5% 1g
Scooby Snacks
THC: 33.3% 1g
Draco Bone
THC: 3.67% 2g
Alien OG 4PK
THC: 20.14% 1g
Dolce Vita 2PK
THC: 3.67% 2g
Chili Verde 4PK
THC: 27.1% 1g
Lava Cake
THC: 44.76% 0.5g
Private Reserve