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We hand pick award winning Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, and CBD strains from Cali’s top cultivators, including elite growers in fabled bud terroirs; Humboldt, Mendocino, and Santa Cruz Counties. Bud curates a range of products to fit all tastes and budgets; from affordable ounces to designer strain splurges, and ‘functional flower’; terpene-rich strains with lower amounts of THC and high ratios of non-psychoactive cannabinoids including CBD.

Bud Flower FAQs:

What strains are best for Sleep?

Heavy indicas, such as OG Kush crosses, Grand Daddy Purple (AKA Ken’s GDP), and Afghan Kush are Indicas revered for their sedative effects. These strains benefit from elevated levels of CBN, identified as the sleepy cannabinoid. For non smokers, try edibles or other ingestible products containing CBN.

What strains are best for Nausea?

Strains containing some level of THC have shown to help with Nausea. For less psychoactive effects, and ample relief from nausea, 1:1 ratio strains of THC/CBD, or CBD dominant strains containing some level of THC are also effective options.

What strains are best for appetite suppression?

Based on scant data, current thought is that strains containing high amounts off the cannabinoid THCV works best to suppress appetite. Lemon Crush, Dutch Treat, and Durban Poison, a South African sativa, are strains known to test with elevated levels of THCV.

Is bud flower more potent now than it used to be?

Absolutely. Breeding and commercialization has led to bud THC levels growing from 1-3% in the 1960s-70s to typically between 15%-25% today, with the most potent batches of high THC strains exceeding 30% in the 2020s.

Can I grow my own bud?

Yes, see our bud seeds for sale.

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