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How can I buy weed online near Boston?

Massachusetts state residents have been buying recreational cannabis since Tuesday, November 20, 2018, so there should be a dispensary somewhere near you in Boston. We want to help you find weed near you, so we are partnering with local dispensaries to feature here.

If Massachusetts has recreational cannabis and medical marijuana, what's the difference?

Cannabis flower and product for the medical and recreational markets are essentially the same. The difference lies in the amount of cannabis that can be purchased and dosage associated.

Can I get a medical prescription in Massachusetts, a recreational state?

Here's the most convenient and reasonably-priced option that we have found for same day online evaluation: Get Your Massachusetts Medical Cannabis Card. You'll pay 159 only if you come out with a successful medical cannabis prescription.

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Why would someone in Boston, MA order cannabis pickup from a dispensary?

Ordering cannabis online in advance near Boston is a good way to find what you want, reserve your selections, and pick them up quick. Pickup is a free service and you pay for your order at the dispensary. Probably faster and more legal than flying product in to Gen. Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport aka BOS.

People in these local zip codes could be searching for a dispensary to pick up pot: 02120 02121 02122 02124 02125 02126 02127 02128 02129 02467 02210 02215 02119 02118 02111 02110 02113 02115 02114 02116 02199 02134 02136 02135 02132 02131 02130 02203 02163 02152 02108 02109 02112 02117 02123 02133 02137 02196 02201 02205 02206 02211 02212 02217 02222 02241 02266 02283 02284 02293 02297 02298 02455. Also folks in Suffolk County, including Boston, Revere, Chelsea, Winthrop buy weed online.## What kinds of products could I find at a dispensary near me in Boston?

In Massachusetts you'll find a number of cannabis brands including Sunderstorm, Musician Jerry Garcia's brand Garcia Hand Picked, Cresco.

Dispensaries in Massachusetts carry a range of cannabis product types so you might find a gummy, vape cartridge, live resin vape cartridge, syrup and mix, tincture, vape battery, sauce, diamonds, sugar, , accessory, flower, preroll, budder, live sauce, live resin, rso and fso oil, wax, live sugar, live resin sugar, vape pen, chew, edible.

The US Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System found 23% of adults in Suffolk County reported binge or heavy drinking in 2018. Cannabis might be healthier for you than a cocktail like a "747" made with kahlua.

Can seniors and veterans get a discount on Boston weed?

According to recent census data for Massachusetts, 16.2% of Bostonians are aged 60 or over, less than the 22.7% aged 60 and up nationally. Weed delivery near me in Boston is especially helpful for those with limited mobility. And also according to recent census data, 2.8% of people are veterans, less than the roughly 7% in the overall population. Different dispensaries are going to have different discounts you can discuss during pickup checkout.

What should I order for my first time in Boston, Massachusetts?

The highest point of elevation in Massachusetts is Mount Greylock, 132 miles from Boston - you might not want to get that high your first few times and overhear the state bird, a Black-capped Chickadee conversing with an Adalbert's Eagle. We have a FAQ giving basic product recommendations for beginners to help you dose right in The Hub.

If I find a cannabis dispensary near me in Boston, what next?

Once you found a dispensary to order weed online, and you get your product, you might try some of these activities:

  • consider Boston, Massachusetts was allegedly named after Boston, Lincolnshire a place in England, There are several towns and cities named Boston in the US, but this is the only one named after the one in England. All the others were named after this city or a person named Boston..- enjoy that plant life at the Arnold Arboretum.
  • welcome people arriving at BOS Gen. Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport.
  • listen to some stories or tell your own to the older folks at Landmark at Longwood, St. Joseph Rehabilitation & Nursing Care Center, the Boston Home, Vero Health & Rehab of Mattapan, Compass on the Bay, Zelma Lacey House, Heathwood Healthcare, Ruggles Assisted Living, Susan S. Bailis Assisted Living Community, Spaulding Nursing & Therapy Center - Brighton, Parkwell Nursing and Rehab Center, Corey Hill Nursing Home, Edelweiss Village Assisted Living, Hebrew Rehabilitation Center - Recuperative Services Unit, Sherrill House, the Arbors at Winthrop, North End Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center.
  • find the local DEA Drug Enforcement Agency and ask them about their 2020 record in Massachusetts: 4534 plants destroyed, 1781 pounds of marijuana impounded, 1 arrests, $420,392.00 seized.
  • trust but verify our data sources by visiting Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Law on NORML, US Census Data, and US Geography data on Wikipedia

What is bud.com?

bud.com is here to help you find trusted cannabis products near you. We partner with local dispensaries to make leading brands available for easy online ordering for delivery and in-store pickup where available: hopefully soon to you in Boston. We work with the Hemp Shop for shipping CBD products. We offer these weed maps above for you to find high times with eaze. We are a small group of cannabis and tech enthusiasts who have been fortunate to be able to help people buy weed online during the decline of prohibition. Greetings Suffolk County in Massachusetts: bud.com is a benefit corporation headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. You can learn more about bud.com from our blog, our press coverage, or our FAQ.

If you're searching for hemp-derived wellness products, visit our sibling site Hemp Shop: we ship Delta 8 and CBD to Massachusetts.

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How can I get my Boston, Massachusetts dispensary listed on bud.com?

The 2019 population of Boston was estimated at 4688346. The largest cities in Massachusetts are ranked Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Cambridge, and Lowell. We count at least 163 dispensaries in Massachusetts. Visit our dispensary partners page to learn about working with bud.com.