Cookies Cannabis Shop Opens in Thailand

Iconic American cannabis brand Cookies opened its first store in Bangkok, Thailand

by Paul Iacampo · January 16, 2023

Following several months of delay and anticipation, iconic American cannabis brand Cookies opened its first store in Bangkok, Thailand on Saturday, January 21, complete with blessings from Thai Buddhist monks.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony featuring founder and CEO and rapper Berner launched the company’s newest venture, eager to tap into Thailand’s burgeoning cannabis market.

Cookies cannabis, rooted in culture

The San Francisco company famous for its flagship Girl Scout Cookies strain and its trend-setting new cultivar crosses has already accessed the legal market north of the border, opening its first Toronto store in 2022, but this will be the weed giant’s first foray into an Asian market.

Located on 51/2 in Soi Ruamrudee, Bangkok, the new Cookies store is a 500-square-foot dispensary decorated to honor Thai culture, with its walls adorned with Thai-inspired paintings that reflect the energy and vibe of the location. The store will sell a selection of the Cookies cultivars, alongside the brand’s clothing line, already available worldwide and arguably as integral to the brand’s success) as the cannabis itself.

Legalization in Thailand

The legalization of cannabis in Thailand has been a complicated process, as the country has gradually but carefully loosened its restrictions on the plant first for medical use and now for recreational purposes. The country’s new relaxed policies have attracted interest from pot companies who see potential for significant profits, with new cannabis businesses popping up across the country.