Rapper Jim Jones has partnered up with jeweler Alex Todd to launch Saucey Farms and Extracts.

THC: 86.61% 1g
Jack the Ripper
THC: 82.5% 1g
Blue Icee
THC: 29.74% 3.5g
Brooklyn Kush Cake
THC: 91.64% 1g
Triple F'n OG
THC: 26.74% 3.5g
Saucey Gummies
THC: 25.02% 14g
Ice Cream Mints Smalls
THC: 30.08% 3.5g
Gush Mints
THC: 31.15% 1.5g
Luciano Lato Capo Blunt
THC: 26.22% 1.3g
Champion Smoke Kief-Infused
THC: 31.04% 1.3g
Lato Kief-Infused
THC: 28.72% 14g
China White
THC: 28.72% 28g
China White
THC: 26.93% 14g
THC: 26.93% 28g
THC: 22.84% 4g
Brooklyn Kush Cake 4 Pack
THC: 25.98% 4g
Soprano OG 4 Pack
THC: 31.76% 3.5g
Sour OG
THC: 29% 3.5g
Ice Cream Mints
THC: 33.22% 3.5g
Triple F'n OG
THC: 34.22% 1.5g
Capo Cake Capo Blunt
THC: 36.19% 3.5g
GMO Crasher
THC: 84.39% 1g
THC: 84.39% 0.5g
THC: 89.6% 1g
Watermelon Driver
THC: 89.6% 0.5g
Watermelon Driver
THC: 87.13% 1g
Vanilla Cone 1g
THC: 87.13% 0.5g
Vanilla Cone
THC: 90.4% 0.5g
Triple F'n OG
THC: 90.58% 0.5g
Peach Tea
THC: 87.3% 0.5g
Mango Tango
THC: 86.61% 0.5g
Jack the Ripper
THC: 92.2% 1g
Durban Poison
THC: 91.87% 1g
THC: 81.29% 0.5g
Blue Icee
THC: 27.28% 1g
Triple F'n OG 1g Capo Blunt
THC: 49% 1g
Rose Capo Blunt
THC: 30.88% 1g
Orange Crack 1g Capo Blunt
THC: 19.98% 1g
Lemon OG 1g Preroll w/ Kief
THC: 18.26% 1g
Basquiat 4 Pack Prerolls
THC: 27.52% 3.5g
Saucey Cake
THC: 20.74% 3.5g
Gelato Pie
THC: 23% 3.5g
Saucey Mac 1
THC: 32.52% 3.5g
THC: 90.09% 0.5g
Dutch Gas
THC: 89.6% 1g
Peach Tea
THC: 90.09% 1g
Dutch Gas
THC: 91.94% 0.5g
Sour Diesel
THC: 91.94% 1g
Sour Diesel
THC: 16.89% 3.5g
Blue Cookies
THC: 30.52% 3.5g
China White