Moon rocks

Moon rocks are not for the faint of heart. A moonrock, also known/spelled as moon rock or moon rock weed, is flower infused with or dipped in high THC hash oil, then rolled in kief. THCA, Isolates, and other extracts can be added for even more potency. The dried and cured product has a distinct “fuzzy rock” look not to ever be confused with regular weed. Moon rocks can be smoked in a pipe or bong. Or rolled in a blunt or joint. And sometimes with virgin (uninfused) flower added to help it burn. The name “moonrocks” comes from inner city slang referring to different drugs being mixed or treated to add potency. Street drug historians will point out that crack and heroin faded together were referred to as moonrocks dating back to the late 1970s.

a planet of cannabis moon rocks

Moon Rocks FAQs:

Is moon rock weed safe?

Moon rocks are flower, oil or extract, and kief. All three should be tested and have passing COAs (certificate of analysis) from an accredited analytical Laboratory. To ensure your weed is clean, only buy moon rocks from a reputable licensed cannabis retailer or legal online dispensary. If purchased from a trusted source, moonrocks are as safe as your tolerance will allow, like other potent forms of weed and extract.

Are moon rocks potent?

Not just potent, Moonrocks are the most potent form of smokable weed available. Depending on the THC percentage of the flower being used, as well as the potency and amount of oil used to cover the buds, the product can have a total THC level well over 50%. That’s more than twice as strong as flower deemed high in THC. They aren't called run-of-the-mill rocks for a reason folks.

finding quality cannabis moon rocks

How can I make moon rocks?

Here’s how to make moon rocks from products readily available at dispensaries. You’ll need; Flower. RSO oil, preferably in a syringe, and the kief (check the bottom section of your grinder). Using one bud at a time, using the syringe, apply the oil liberally to the nugs. Then sprinkle and roll the oil- doused nugs in kief. In addition to more THC, the kief also helps the oil absorb and makes for a less sticky and more manageable final product. Let the moonrocks absorb oil and settle for several hours.

Can Moon Rocks be used in a dry herb vaporizer?

You can use moonrocks in a dry herb vaporizer with some precautions. Vaping Moonrocks may mean you need to clean your vaporizer sooner. First piece of advice is to break them up, don’t grind them. Lay down even just a thin layer of flower first before placing the crumbled moon rocks on top,. This way the melting oil doesn’t drip down on your vaporizer’s heating element. You will also want to put even a thin layer flower on top to fully sandwich your moon rocks, this can help keep the oil from flowing up through the stem as you inhale.

looking for Moon rocks near me?

Since moon rocks are something of a niche product, hard to find it will be a 2-stop process. You can search for ‘dispensaries near me’, or simply go to where you can see dispensaries in your area. From there you’ll need to do further research on each dispensary menu to ensure they carry moon rocks.

where are cannabis moon rocks near me?

Buy Moon Rocks Online

Hempshop is an online dispensary that ships legal, hemp derived THC moonrocks to much of the United States. The fastest and easiest way to get moonrocks is to order them on your phone or computer at hempshop, if your State is eligible.