Best Cookies Strains from the Cookies Fam

Looking for something potent and absolutely scrumptious? Look no further than this special curated list of the best strains by Cookies that will leave you salivating and in pure bliss.

by Cael Brown · October 06, 2023

Like Cookies Flavors, Cookies Strains for your eyes

Are you feeling a bit hungry and ready to get lit? Look no further than strains crafted by the Cookies fam. These are delicious, powerful strains that will leave you comfortably elevated and ready for a good time. If your goal is to feel happy and blissed out, then keep reading.

What is the Cookies Fam?

Cookies SF is a well-known Bay Area cannabis brand whose popularity has grown nationwide with an international presence including Thailand. They’ve cultivated a varied selection of some of the most well-known, potent strains in the cannabis industry. In addition they've pushed a parallel apparel brand including boutique retail. A brainchild of Bay Area rapper Berner (Gilbert Milam), the brand has taken the cannabis industry by storm. You can always expect consistent quality, freshness, flavor, and potency from their strains. Below are some of our favorite strains by the Cookies fam.

Cereal Milk

Want to shut your mind off and just vibe? Cereal Milk is the optimal strain for the chillest of days. If you’re looking for a real sweet treat, Cereal Milk is the delicious strain you’ve been searching for. It’s sweet on the inhale and will leave you absolutely high. It’s a sativa-dominant strain, so perfect for a fun weekend or midday pick-me-up.


Another great weed strain that originated from Cookies Farms, Biscotti is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain. It’s an incredible strain for creatives and those looking for a strong head high. Those enjoying this scrumptious strain will find that it’s perfect for those looking for a great mind trip to appreciate the psychoactive benefits of marijuana. It also has caryophyllene as the main terpene. Caryophyllene is a peppery, spicy terp that has properties that are believed to help it act as an anti-inflammatory and benefit those seeking pain relief.

Gary Payton

Gary Payton is a much loved hybrid marijuana strain named after the former professional basketball player and current NBA Hall of Famer, Gary Payton. It’s a beautiful strain that’s known to be pretty potent while giving a great balanced high. Its effects are floaty,with the perfect head high. Consumers claim that Gary Payton has also helped manage their anxiety, stress, and depression. It’s a perfect little daily pick-me-up and excellent for recreational fun. This strain is a slam dunk!

London Pound Cake

London Pound Cake is one of the heavy hitters in the Cookies fam. Also known sometimes as Pound Cake, it’s an indica-dominant marijuana strain that’ll leave you in utter comfort with its relaxing high. London Pound Cake is a perfect end of the day experience, as its main effects tend to make you feel tingly and sleepy. Those that have used it for medical purposes tend to report that they use it to help with insomnia, anxiety, stress, as well as appetite issues. Expect to be soothed, but be sure to take things slow, as this sweet strain is known to have a high that creeps up on the user.

Blue Cookies

Blue Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid weed strain that’s a big favorite among Cookies connoisseurs. A cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry, it's also often known as Blue Girl Scout Cookies and Blue GSC. It gives off an aroma of berries and a taste profile to match. This strain is best kept for evening and nighttime use. Euphoria will take over pretty fast and leave your mind in a wonderland. A great cannabis strain that makes enjoying games, music, and movies a heightened experience. With modest use, Blue Cookies will always help you drift away to a pleasant headspace and relax the body.

Animal Cookies

Another hybrid strain cultivated by Cookies, Animal Cookies (sometimes known by the name Animal Crackers) gives off a sweet smell just like its name implies. The flowers are visually appealing with frosty orange-hued buds. Some people that enjoy this particular cannabis strain have reported that they find it incredible for managing pain, cramps, and insomnia. It’s also reported to put you in a more happy, relaxed, and euphoric mood. You can expect this sweetly earthy-tasting bud to be pungent and potent. Perfect for the heavyweights looking for a full-body high.

Gorilla Cookies

Gorilla Cookies is an uplifting hybrid strain that’s a cross between Gorilla Glue #4 and Thin Mint. It’ll make you happy and giggly and can aid in helping melt away stress and anxiety as well as managing other ailments like nausea and pain. As with a lot of Cookie strains, a little goes a long way. Gorilla Cookies will send you straight to space with just a few hits.

Tropicana Cookies

Tropicana Cookies is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain with a beautiful fiery orange hue running across its frosty purple buds. A freshly opened batch gives off a sweet citrus aroma. Being sativa dominant, it’s one of the best Cookies strains for those looking to stay on task while getting a mood boost and some help keeping you energized. Expect a wonderful, more focused head high, and a bright, happy day.

If you manage to come across any of these strains from the Cookies Fam, make sure to give them a try. You’ll be begging for more after trying these tasty, potent strains.