CLICK’S DREAM formulation uses the highest grade of CBD and THC cannabinoids and is designed to give you a great night’s sleep. Midnight Mint uses the deep-sleep-inducing effects of Melatonin combined with the aromatic and digestive aids found in peppermint which also increase airflow in your nasal cavity so you can sleep better. Getting a good night’s sleep shouldn’t be an exception - it should be the rule! Talk about Sweet Dreams!

Dream spray tincture, 0.2g from the Click brand offering a CBD, THC experience with 66.80mg THC.

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Weight (g): 0.2

Cannabis Types: CBD, THC

Product Types: Spray Tincture

THC Total (mg): 66.80

Cbd Total: 0.00

State: California

THC percentage amounts are average, individual items may vary.

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