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Blue Burst Liiil Stiiizy

Blue Burst Liiil Stiiizy


Packing a big punch in a LIIIL package. LIIIL STIIIZY is the ultimate portable, disposable vape device that delivers an unexpected vaping experience with great taste and bigger clouds. Its simplicity and portability make LIIIL STIIIZY the new on-the-go must have vape device.


· Taste: Blue Raspberry, Citrus, Mixed Fruits

· Feeling: Relaxed, Uplifted, Creative

· Description: This hybrid delivers a well-balanced mind and body high with a juicy burst of flavor.

Blue Burst Liiil Stiiizy vape pen, 0.5g or 500 milligrams, a half of a gram, from the STIIIZY brand offering a hybrid experience of the Blue Burst strain with 429.52mg THC.

Weight (g): 0.5

Strains: Blue Burst

Cannabis Types: Hybrid

Product Types: Vape Pen

THC Total (mg): 429.52

THC %: 79.14%

Cbd Total: 0.0

State: California

THC percentage amounts are average, individual items may vary.

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