Find THC and CBD combinations in drinks, drink mixes, teas, honeys, coffees, colas, and more liquid innovation. Legal cannabis has lead to a flowering of exploration in weed beverages.


What kinds of weed drinks might we find?

Depending on your area, you might find cannabis-infused water – with THC and/or CBD. Familiar soda flavors recreated with marijuana. Coffee infused with weed. Tea bags to brew a pot of pain relief.

These cannabis beverages can include:

  • water

  • soda

  • cola

  • coffee

  • tea

  • drink mix

  • concentrate syrup

  • sugar and sweeteners

How much cannabis drink should I consume?

Fortunately all these cannabis drinks are measured and dosed, so you know if there is 10mg or 100mg in a bottle. 10mg, or 10 milligrams, is a pretty big starting dose form some folks – if you’re new, start with 5mg or less. For folks who are more comfortable with their dose, there will be concentrated syrups that can be dissolved in water.

There are also formulations of tea and coffee with cannabis. Whatever your curiosity, there’s a liquid cannabis experience coming your way.

Mango Guava - 100MG
Bubba Kush Root Beer
Blue Razz
Orange Kush
Purple Passion
THC: 10% 0.01g
Cola (10mg)
Berry Dragon Fruit