Blast off into the dab zone with’s collection of top-shelf concentrates from The Guild, Guru, JustHerb and more. We source the most sought-after wax, shatter and budder extracted from hot strains like SPK (Sour Patch Kids), Dosidos, Lemon Banana Sherbert and GG4. Stay elevated with affordable $30 grams of Platinum OG and Grand Daddy Purple. Fill the dab rig or your new PuffCo Peak and fine tune preferences for live resin vs BHO vs C02. Indica, sativa, hybrid — there’s a dab for all occasions, some with THC pushing past 80 percent.

THC: 54.96% 1g
Resina OG Twist
THC: 85.56% 1g
#87 THCa Powder
THC: 58.07% 1g
Resina - GG4
THC: 51.89% 1g
Mom's Mints Hash
THC: 51.33% 1g
Cherry Kush Cake Hash
THC: 53.48% 1g
Bubba Kush Hash
THC: 70.19% 1g
GG4 Shatter
THC: 64.45% 1g
G13 Loose Hash
THC: 53.48% 1g
Banana Jack Hash
THC: 58.07% 1g
Kush Mints Resina
THC: 86.84% 1g
Cheesecake Sugar Diamonds
THC: 78.41% 1g
Biscotti Live Sauce
THC: 41.83% 1g
Gilotti Biscotti Hash
THC: 80.39% 1g
Dosi-mintz Sauce
Truth Serum
THC: 66.15% 1g
Lemon Bean Live Sauce
THC: 82.19% 1g
Mila Berry Live Sugar
THC: 63.98% 1g
4 A.M. Live Sauce
Lucid Blue
THC: 78.86% 1g
THC: 97.11% 1g
Skunkberry Diamonds
THC: 59.3% 1g
Kiwi Hash
THC: 74.56% 1g
Mac Gnarly Shatter