When it comes to relaxing or socializing, many people just plain don’t like the effects of alcohol and would much rather lean towards CBD and/or THC infused drinks instead of alcoholic beverages. Cannabis drinks are great options for anyone looking for an alternative way to relax or socialize without using indiscrete flower or vape products or the hangover effect of booze. Plus, there are so many different amazing options to choose from when it comes to CBD drinks and TCH drinks that you’ll no doubt find the best cbd drinks or weed drinks for you.

At bud.com you’ll find THC drinks and CBD drinks and beverages in various forms such as drink mixes, teas, honeys, coffees, colas, and other innovative weed-infused drinks. ~~more ~~liquid innovation. Check out our various brands of cannabis beverages, different types of cannabis drinks and different THC or CBD doses below.


What are CBD Drinks

Weed drinks are any beverage that has been infused with either THC or CBD and are also known as “liquid edibles” or “drinkables.”Weed drinks, also known as “CBD-infused drinks” “THC drinks” and “cannabis drinks” are a popular way to consume cannabis. jCBD and THC cannabis drinks come in different forms such as juices, sodas, tea, sparkling water and flavored water. i

Where to buy CBD Drinks

You can buy CDB drinks through bud.com. Bud.com has partnered with cannabis delivery shops across the nation to bring you the best in cbd drinks near you.

What kinds of weed drinks might we find?

Depending on your area, you might find cannabis-infused water – with THC and/or CBD. Familiar soda flavors recreated with marijuana. Coffee infused with weed. Tea bags to brew a pot of pain relief.

These cannabis beverages can include:

  • Cannabis-infused water beverages

  • Cannabis-infused soda

  • Cannabis-infused cola beverages

  • Cannabis-infused coffee drinks

  • Cannabis-infused tea

  • Cannabis-infused mixes

  • Concentrate cannabis syrup

  • Cannabis-infused sugar and sweeteners

How much cannabis drink should I consume?

Fortunately all these cannabis drinks are measured and dosed, so you know if there is 10mg or 100mg in a bottle. 10mg, or 10 milligrams, is a pretty big starting dose form some folks – if you’re new, start with 5mg or less. For folks who are more comfortable with their dose, there will be concentrated syrups that can be dissolved in water.

There are also formulations of tea and coffee with cannabis. Whatever your curiosity, there’s a liquid cannabis experience coming your way.

Orange Kush
Purple Passion
Bubba Kush Root Beer
Lemon Lime
Blue Razz
THC: 1000% 1g
Grape Syrup