bud.com dispensary pickup and delivery

Since July 1 you can buy weed online from bud.com for both delivery and in-store pickup from dispensaries.

by Justin Hall · July 01, 2021

Shop online now on Bud .com for weed delivery and pickup near you|Shop online now on Bud .com for weed delivery and pickup near you

bud.com launched cannabis delivery in January 2018 when California legalized recreational. Working with dispensaries to serve customers before and during COVID we learned much about buying weed online. Some people are excited to shop online, but still want to visit the dispensary. So we pulled our team together to revise bud.com to better serve folks. Since July 1 you can buy weed online from bud.com for both delivery and in-store pickup from dispensaries.

bud.com helps you buy cannabis online from a dispensary near me

bud.com doesn't have a cannabis license: we partner with local dispensaries dedicated to making quality cannabis products available to their communities. We help these dispensary grow a sustainable business; we only succeed if they do. That model must be catching on - dispensaries from all kinds of legal states are reaching out.

As cannabis becomes increasing legal and available in North America, a national cannabis shopping brand like bud.com can help customers find local businesses to support in a sustainable way. Whether you order weed online for delivery or pickup, bud.com can help you find convenient lab-tested cannabis.

bud.com launched cannabis delivery service in 2018

Cannabis delivery combines regulated products with transportation logistics. Cannabis delivery can only be done by certain people in certain types of vehicles with certain quantities of products secured and tracked in certain ways. Aligning regulations, dispensaries, products, and customers is a great adventure. Most legal states are not playing along. You can shop for legal weed delivery online in only a half dozen or so states. You can buy weed online for in-store retail only in dozens more medical and recreational cannabis states.

bud.com launched in 2018 with a 21st century experience: legal cannabis delivered where you want it. We got our start in California, which has had some form of legal cannabis since 1996. We were able to learn from folks like veteran dispensary operators like Aundre Specialé, who fought first for legalization before they were able to set up a shop to sell weed. After setting ourselves up to patiently grow our local delivery business, the COVID pandemic forced people indoors. Suddenly in the spring of 2020, cannabis delivery became an "essential business" in California. We were encouraged by the state to continue going about our business to help people cope with anxiety and hunker down in isolation.

bud.com launched in-store marijuana pickup service in 2021

Earlier in 2021 as people began leaving their house from COVID-19, we saw an opportunity to offer a friendly cannabis shopping experience for in-store pickup orders. Today we are live for in-store pickup orders with dispensaries across California. We offer pot pickup for California cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, Santa Cruz, Berkeley.

Now we can offer more people a chance to buy dispensary weed online. bud.com offers customers in-store pickup at medical and recreational dispensaries alike across America. In cities like Chicago, Seattle, Anchorage, Phoenix, Billings, you can't get delivery easily but you can order weed pickup from a dispensary near me. Now that bud.com can help people place orders in these areas, we are talking to local dispensaries that can handle orders from people looking for safe, accessible weed values. Learn more or get in contact with us through our bud.com dispensary partners site.