10 Best Dispensaries in Colorado

Finding the best dispensaries in Colorado

by Bud Media Team · August 02, 2022

Bud's Best Dispensaries in Colorado

Colorado is home to the Rocky Mountains and the “Mile High City” of Denver, which sits exactly 1 mile, or exactly 5280 feet, above sea level. Fitting that Colorado was the first State to legalize recreational cannabis dispensaries. Colorado has well over 500 dispensaries, one of the most per capita in the U.S. There are over 200 dispensaries in Denver alone. For some perspective that means there are 3 pot shops for every Starbucks in the Mile High City. And there is certainly no shortage of great weed and native Colorado strains at Colorado’s best dispensaries.

In addition to Denver, Bud closely examined dispensaries in college towns, rural areas, and travel destinations. From Boulder to Fort Collins and Aspens to Telluride. Even Colorado Springs to see where our U.S. Olympic Ski Team members can walk into to get help for inflammation, between practice runs.

And beginning in 2022, customers can also finally order weed delivery in Denver and Aurora. Other Colorado cities are expected to open up delivery in the coming months in 2022 and into 2023. So with weed delivery options in tow, Bud is happy to share our list of the best Dispensaries in Colorado -

How can I find a medical or recreational dispensary near me?

Since 2012 recreational weed is available in US-CO for dispensary purchase. Before that, medical marijuana has been available since 2000. We know of at least 1524 dispensaries in the Centennial State. We scoured the state to find the best dispensaries in US-CO and here's what we found:

Best dispensary in Denver: High Level Health - Market

Asking around for places to buy weed in US-CO we have been hearing about High Level Health - Market, a notable dispensary in Denver aka "The Mile-High City". Last we checked is located at 1620 Market Street, Suite 5W, Denver, US-CO, 80202.

Depending on their current stock levels, you can shop for flower, vapes, edibles, concentrates and more at from brands that could include Pilgrim Soul, Pantry, Mellow Mallowz, Verra Vape, Happy Chews, Verra Wellness, West Edison, HighOnLove, LucidMood, 1906, Jane West, Green Dot, The Republic, The Republic, Stillwater, Mountain High Suckers, BirthJays, Smokiez Edibles, apothecanna, Musician Willie Nelson's brand Willie's Reserve, Rapper Berner's brand Cookies, Dixie, Rapper Little Wayne's brand GKUA Ultra Premium, Wana, Keef, NBA veteran Al Harrington's brand Viola, Sunderstorm, RAW, Comedian Tommy Chong's brand Tommy Chong's Cannabis, Coda Signature, ReCreate, Boxer Mike Tyson's brand Tyson 2.0.

Boulder: Eclipse Cannabis Company

We learned about Eclipse Cannabis Company, a dispensary in Boulder aka "The People's Republic of Boulder". Eclipse Cannabis Company was last seen at 1620 Market Street, Suite 5W, Denver, US-CO, 80202.

Commerce City: Krystaleaves

We discovered Krystaleaves, a dispensary in Commerce City. Krystaleaves has their shop at 1620 Market Street, Suite 5W, Denver, US-CO, 80202.

Fort Collins: Kind Care Of Colorado - 21+

We noticed Kind Care Of Colorado - 21+, a dispensary in Fort Collins aka "The Choice City". Kind Care Of Colorado - 21+ does business at 1620 Market Street, Suite 5W, Denver, US-CO, 80202.

Wheat Ridge: Best Colorado Cannabis

We observed Best Colorado Cannabis, a dispensary in Wheat Ridge aka "Carnation Capital of the World". Best Colorado Cannabis was last seen at 1620 Market Street, Suite 5W, Denver, US-CO, 80202.

Central City: Golden Nugget

We came upon Golden Nugget, a dispensary in Central City aka "Richest square mile on Earth". Golden Nugget was last seen at 1620 Market Street, Suite 5W, Denver, US-CO, 80202.

Colorado Springs: Maggie's Farm - Fillmore

We came across Maggie's Farm - Fillmore, a dispensary in Colorado Springs aka "Little London". Maggie's Farm - Fillmore was last seen at 1620 Market Street, Suite 5W, Denver, US-CO, 80202.

Pueblo West: The Spot 420 - Pueblo West

We stumbled upon The Spot 420 - Pueblo West, a dispensary in Pueblo West. The Spot 420 - Pueblo West was last seen at 1620 Market Street, Suite 5W, Denver, US-CO, 80202.

Walsenburg: Bud Hut

We stumbled upon Bud Hut, a dispensary in Walsenburg. Bud Hut was last seen at 1620 Market Street, Suite 5W, Denver, US-CO, 80202.

Other dispensaries in the state include Den-Rec South MED.

What kind of weed is available in Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins, and Lakewood?

When you're looking for flower, and we don't mean Rocky Mountain Columbine - you can search for flower, vapes, edibles and more all over the Centennial State.

You can find dispensary listings close to these locations in US-CO: Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins, and Lakewood.

Is there dispensary delivery in US-CO?

You can get both recreational and medical marijuana dispensary delivery in US-CO.

How can I buy weed online 24 hours a day?

With recreational delivery allowed, you should be able to find some local weed delivery in US-CO. If you're not finding what you want, check out the flower, vapes, edibles, prerolls and more available by mail via hempshop. hempshop is an online dispensary available in US-CO, accepting credit cards for lab-tested legal THC, CBD, Delta-8, HHC, THC0 and you can get by mail.

Are there Delta-8 Dispensaries in US-CO?

People are looking for delta-8 near me. We are still collecting data on local delta-8 options near me in US-CO. For now we are recommending hempshop, the online dispensary, as a reliable source of delta-8 and more.

Are HHC, THC-O and delta-9 THC legal in US-CO?

Our research suggests that these new cannabinoids are indeed available in Centennial State. Most of these products rival what you can purchase in a dispensary. These cannabinoids and more can be found for sale on hempshop, an online dispensary providing legal, lab-tested weed you can order online for shipping. hempshop offers a guide to cannabinoids including a useful scale of psychoactivity - so you can avoid getting so high as Mount Elbert, unless you want to.

Things to do in US-CO once you get some weed

Once you buy weed from an online dispensary or in person, you might find all sorts of things to do in the 103,642 square miles or 268,431 square kilometers in the state. Here's a few off the top of our heads:

People have been seeking out safe & legal weed for thousands of years, we're glad to help people in US-CO buy weed online.