Weed Delivery

Same Day Recreational Weed Delivery

Weed delivery in the US is legal in just a few states. With the rise of legal cannabis use, local delivery is becoming a hugely sought-after service. Many people would opt for door-to-door delivery instead of visiting a local legal cannabis storefront. The convenience can't be beat! Especially with a service like bud.com’s weed delivery locator where you simply type in your zip and you see what types of cannabis products can be brought to your location with just a few clicks.

On-Demand or Scheduled Medical Cannabis Delivery

Some medical cannabis patients are deep in chronic pain and recovery. Medical cannabis delivery is especially helpful for these patients who can not travel lightly. In some states caregivers can be authorized to receive cannabis delivery on a patient's behalf.

Not every state with medical cannabis access permits delivery. If delivery is illegal that forces patients or caregivers out of the care context to travel some distance to secure medicine. In states where medical cannabis delivery is legal, the convenience is appreciated.

The United States of Marijuana Delivery Options

Alabama Indiana Nebraska South Carolina
Alaska Iowa Nevada South Dakota
Arizona Kansas New Hampshire Tennessee
Arkansas Kentucky New Jersey Texas
California Louisiana New Mexico Utah
Colorado Maine New York Vermont
Connecticut Maryland North Carolina Virginia
Delaware Massachusetts North Dakota Washington
Florida Michigan Ohio Washington DC
Georgia Minnesota Oklahoma West Virginia
Hawaii Mississippi Oregon Wisconsin
Idaho Missouri Pennsylvania Wyoming
Illinois Montana Rhode Island
cannabis has become more accessible for adults in America

The Best Weed Delivery Services

As the go-to cannabis delivery service locator, we pride ourselves on our nationwide network of legal, vetted and trusted cannabis delivery service partners. Through our online weed delivery ordering system, you’ll have a fast, hassle-free cannabis shopping experience. bud.com is dedicated to providing you with the fastest cannabis delivery. But we’re more than just quick, our menus of thousands of cannabis products means there’s something for everyone, no matter your preference, mood, location or budget. Enjoy a straightforward ordering process and excellent customer service with bud.com.

Full Line of Cannabis Products for Delivery

You can search by product type (flower, concentrates, oil, etc.) as well as brand. Expect to provide typical personal info such as proof of age, address, delivery window of time, etc.

Marijuana Delivery FAQ’s

Where can I find weed delivery near me?

You can find a weed delivery service by using bud.com’s search features at the top of this page. bud partners with recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries so you can order weed delivery online. Enter your zip code at the top of this page to see the delivery options available in your area. Depending on your location you will have three delivery timing options. You can choose on-demand delivery in a certain number of minutes. Or you can schedule delivery during a time window later that day or a few days in advance. Or you can order legal weed shipped by mail.

What is bud.com’s weed delivery service?

bud.com partners with cannabis delivery services across the nation and lists their products on our site. When you enter your zip, local weed delivery services will appear on the screen for online shopping of quality cannabis products. Online sales of cannabis should be done through reputable and vetted services like bud.com so you can avoid using non-legal services which may carry sub-par or counterfeit cannabis products.

What do I need to order recreational cannabis delivery?

You need a computer or mobile phone, a valid ID, and money. Some dispensaries accept debit cards, but not all of them. We'll let you know. You’ll also need a non-P.O. box residential address for delivery. And you need to be there when the cannabis arrives. Legal cannabis deliveries can't be left on your doorstep or in your mailbox. If you're looking to get something delivered when you're not home, look at the mail order weed available on hempshop.

How long does weed delivery take?

On demand delivery timing comes down to the volume of orders and the number of drivers at a given time of day. Delivery can be within an hour, and sometimes it can be longer. But don’t worry, most, if not all weed delivery services are very good at keeping posted about delivery times. Scheduled cannabis delivery arrives within a pre-arranged time slot - pick a time you can be somewhere for an hour or two. Orders shipped by mail arrive within a few days.

How can I track my weed delivery order?

For local cannabis delivery orders we send a text message when your driver is on their way. For scheduled orders please be available for the entire window and for on demand orders allow a predicted number of hours for delivery. Your driver will contact you as they get close to the order dropoff.

For hempshop orders, we send you a tracking number for your US Postal Service package, which should arrive with your postal carrier in a few days.

Should I tip the weed delivery driver?

The short answer is yes. A tip is likely to be appreciated by the driver. However, it’s up to you. We work to ensure that people throughout our supply chain are fairly compensated. If you are grateful to your driver or budtender you can definitely offer them a cash tip. We do not at this time offer digital tipping for our cannabis delivery folks. We appreciate our drivers, and we hope you do too!