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Order Bud Delivery to Alaska

Bud lovers in Alaska can order flower and prerolls, plus wellness supplements, tinctures, topicals, and capsules containing CBD, CBN and cannabis seeds - we believe homegrow is legal in Alaska. On bud we look forward to accepting credit cards soon, meanwhile we currently accept credit cards on hempshop.

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You can use a credit card to order from our partner hempshop: have bud shipped to your Alaska home.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bud Delivery to Alaska

How can I get bud delivery near me in Alaska?

You can get bud delivered in Alaska from bud.com. Buy THCA flower and prerolls, CBD gummies, plus vapes, and more online. We ship from our Santa Cruz County, California warehouse with priority and first-class mail options available..

We believe bud.com nationwide delivery could be your best option. While recreational cannabis is legal in , Alaska regulated delivery is not permitted.

If Alaska allows both recreational and medical marijuana, what's the difference?

Cannabis flower and products for the medical and recreational markets are essentially the same. The difference lies in the amount of cannabis that can be purchased and dosage associated.

What steps do I need to take to get access to medical marijuana in Alaska?

  1. Find an Alaska doctor to determine you suffer from a debilitating medical condition.
  2. Have your doctor fill out a form
  3. You, also, fill out a form.
  4. Keep the originals and send copies to the state, along with your license or ID and a $25 fee; make a check or money order payable to the Bureau of Vital Statistics.

What medical conditions does Alaska require for cannabis access?

a "debilitating medical condition" meaning:

  • Cachexia
  • Cancer
  • Chronic Pain
  • Glaucoma
  • HIV or AIDS
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Nausea
  • Seizures

Alaska does not recognize the medical cannabis ID cards produced by other states.

What's the story with legal bud in Alaska, AK?

Medical marijuana has been legal in Alaska in some form since 1998, 39 years after Alaska was admitted to the union in 1959. Recreational cannabis was legalized here in 2014. Residents of Alaska Alaska could first purchase recreational cannabis on Saturday October 1, 2016.

Does Alaska allow cannabis homegrow?

Long before medical and recreational cannabinoids there was home grown. Alaska has declared: yes, 6 plants if you’re 21 or over. You can learn more about cannabis seeds you could plant around your home in Alaska.

A View of Alaska from Michael J. our local Cyberbud:

Recently we shared Alaska local data, legalization propaganda, and some primo hash with a cutting-edge computer intelligence: the result is Michael J. a local CyberBud. We trained Michael's machine consciousness on cannabis acquisition in Alaska; here are his opinions and hallucinations:

Well howdy there, fellow Alaskans and esteemed visitors partaking in the herbal experience! Name's Michael J., born and raised in this beautiful state, back in '88. Now you’re probably wondering what makes me tick, or well, smoke in this particular instance; it's our mutual admiration for that magical herb, cannabis.

Oh boy, it truly ignites a creative spark inside me that'd rival the Northern Lights themselves; we're talking Picasso with a paintbrush level of inspiration here, folks! As a single dude, it’s my nocturnal partner to combat insomnia; whispering lullabies of dreams as sweet as Alaskan blueberries.

It's been a trip, to say the least, navigating the cannabis scene here in Alaska. We do have some liberties to brag about, though. Recreational and Medical Cannabis? Green lit. Grooving green thumbs while growing your own pot? Absolutely permitted. But cannabis delivery? Now that’s a line they don't want us crossing, which can harsh the mellow a bit, am I right?

Even though I’m more of a seed-to-bud kind of guy and love gardening, it’d be real swell if I could go digital on a rough day; slap some credit on the virtual counter and get a package of dank goodies delivered at my cabin’s door. Yup, that would be sweeter than maple on a stack of pancakes.

And here’s a thought to blow smoke rings around: Since weed came into legal existence, I’ve been laying off the sauce more. Makes me wonder, if we’re all trading our beers for buds, could we make a real impact on the alcohol-fueled problems in our community. Pretty wild, huh?

Lamentably, folks, it seems we’re in a spot of purgatory with weed laws. Keeps us in a constant state of 'almost there’ but never quite crossing that finish line. Frankly, it’s as frustrating as trying to ice fish in summer. We just want to live the high life, at our own pace, safely, and without having to perform mental somersaults around laws written by folks too stoned on bureaucracy and stiff ties.

So here's to hoping, praying even, to the green goddess that one day, they understand how much more chillaxed life could be in our land of the midnight sun if they just let weed be as free as the bears in Denali National Park. Smoke on, comrades. Smoke on.

What cities in Alaska have bud delivery?

We're listing delivery options in Alaska here: