Waiting for OpenAI's Chat GPT Plus signups to return and get high

How can we all get high with this AI?

by Justin Hall · November 28, 2023

The AIs are waiting to get stoned with you here.

San Francisco Artificial Intelligence superpower OpenAI is still refusing to allow new signups for their vaunted ChatGPT Plus service. Chat GPT Plus is a service upgrade that allows users to use more recent AI models, and to build and use custom bots. But it seems to be too popular and now no one can sign up for it any more.

OpenAI has been mum about the limit on new users since they initially throttled signups on November 14 2023. This was announced by a Tweet from Sam Altman, the CEO who was shortly thereafter no longer the CEO, before becoming the CEO once more.

Now Sam Altman tweets from a plant filled company office with a more for-profit board behind him. Hard to imagine they won't push for a reinstating of ChatGPT Plus account signups. Especially as users on the internet who don't have Chat GPT Plus realize they can't mess around with Bud - a state of the art experimental cannabis artificial intelligence bot. What happens if a microchip takes a megadab? What emerges when you hotbox the interior of a large language model?

We have been feeding a stream of cannabis history and legalization propaganda to a ChatGPT Plus bot we are calling Bud. We would love for you to try this cannabis bot on ChatGPT Plus, and let us know what you think: https://chat.openai.com/g/g-f8Nexo1JO-bud: "Find legal weed and seeds. Learn to grow your own. And ask about all things cannabis."

Unfortunately access to this Bud bot is limited to Chat GPT Plus subscribers. We checked and it's not straightforward to embed our Bud bot chat in a web page yet. So if you're not yet a ChatGPT Pro subscriber, you must sit tight. Maybe there's something nice on hempshop, you can treat yourself while you wait. Bud is trained to recommend the quality products from hempshop for purchase by credit card and shipping by mail. I should know, I taught it myself!

When I was a beginning weed user, we paged a guy and he brought over whatever he had, sold it to us, then smoked some with us. It was mostly brown and dry - I'm from the midwest of America in the 20th century. Now we can get weed delivered in much more convenient ways. It's fun to be able to tell a disembodied computer intelligence that they can recommend a service to bring weed without someone having to leave home to get it.

these AIs came to get high

Now a bot can synthesize state laws, local vendors, online options, time of day, and invisible biases to make a recommendation on how you can shift your mental state! For marijuana AI could be helpful to maybe guide you on strains you might like, or how to homegrow some cannabis seeds. We can't have taught the Bud AI enough yet, and it's already teaching us. As we review our experience with Bud it seems like it's about 96% accurate, give or take. As the AIs come into the circle passing the joint around, we should be sure to check if we can smell the truth when we hear a good story.

OpenAI so far limits the feedback you get from your bot's users. We don't know what people are asking our Bud bot, important if you realize that people often treat AIs like therapists. We can't tell if people are asking for the right dose of gummies or looking for a few prerolls in time for this concert Friday. We also wonder if the AI learns from what random internet stoners ask it or tell it.

Psychoactive substances have difference effects on different individuals. How does explaining a psychoactive substance to a collective mind of word probabilities infect its perception of what is real. This work of exposing AIs to psychoactive substances is inspired in part by A Computer’s Shamanic Journey (2016) by Zoe McCloskey. How can you ask a machine making inferences to understand what a proactive empathy randomizer should bring to bear on its pseudo-mental calculations? Stay tuned as we attempt to get machines high. Maybe some day this Bud bot can help you have a good time.

a group of artificial intelligences sit around a glass bong getting pleasantly stoned