"every hit is like boom - automatic to the head"

Sarkazz reviews the Ripstix Dosilato THCA Preroll

by Bud Media Team · October 26, 2023

"every hit is like boom - automatic to the head"

Samantha Sarkazz is a digital creator based in New York. She's been sharing her personal truth with her audience on YouTube since 2009. Over that time she has honed her vlog craft, developing a number of channels and experiments across social media. Consistent across those years and those channels is her direct voice, connecting with her followers over everyday experiences. She loves to share her neighborhood in Brooklyn. And, Sarkazz loves a good preroll.

With our partners hempshop, we sent Sarkazz a Ripstix brand 1 gram preroll of Dosilatos THCA Flower. After roasting the tip nicely for the camera, she takes a hit and declares "I don't even need to hit this again" in admiration. She asks Alexa what time it is - seems like it's time for another hit. Later she continues: "every hit is like boom, just boom automatic to the head." She announces she's excited to try the rest. So we're glad Sarkazz enjoyed a toke on this quality product:

From the @SarkazzHere channel here is Sarkazz's video review of the Ripstix THCA 1G – Dosilato (Do-si-Dos x Gelato 41) THCA preroll for sale up on hempshop. Thanks Sarkazz!