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iKON Battery

iKON Battery

Rechargeable Battery: IKON Device is a proprietary system and is only compatible with the iKON cartridges/pods. Integrated battery contact for safe & reliable user experience. Enhanced battery capacity and charging speed with a USB-C interface; a full single charge of 550mAh. Our battery is delivering the safest specification to our customers. Features - Inhalation activated - 2 colors LED indication - Short circuit protection - Rechargeable battery - USB type C charging port - Logo with backlight Specs - dimensions 11 x 25 x 62mm - weight 25grams - Color of LED unit WHITE & RED - charging port USB TYPE C - working temperature 0℃ ~ + 45℃ - maximum vaporization duration 8 SEC - supported resistance on pods 1.1Ω - 2.2Ω - resistance of short circuit protection 1.0Ω - battery capacity 550mAh - fully charge duration 3 Hours - battery life 300-400 PUFFS - battery life 300 CYCLES to 80%

Product Types: IKON Vape Pod

Strain: IKON Battery

THC percentage amounts are average, individual items may vary.

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