Ohio adding recreational marijuana law to its ballot this November

Ohio successfully adds proposed recreational marijuana law to November 7th ballot after previous worries.

by Cael Brown · September 18, 2023

Many in the state of Ohio were worried that a proposed recreational marijuana law wouldn’t make it to the state’s ballot this upcoming November. However, it’s looking like cannabis advocates in the state can breathe a sigh of relief.

After the Coalition to Regulate Marijujana like Alcohol originally failed to get the required amount of signatures needed to add a recreational marijuana law to the ballot in Ohio this November, they wound up succeeding in getting the additional signatures needed. Afterwards, the state’s ballot board voted unanimously to finalize the language that voters will see for the recreational marijuana law during this November’s election.

If the law passes, Ohioans over the age of 21 would finally be able to purchase marijuana in a legal and regulated market. On top of that, cultivation, manufacturing, and testing would become legal as well. This would allow adults in Ohio aged 21 and over to be allowed to grow their own cannabis at home. However, this law would institute a limit of 6 plants per adult and no more than 12 plants in one residence. The state will also tax each marijuana transaction 10%.

One of the stipulations of the law involves an agreement with the Division of Cannabis Control and the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services to create a program to assist those who have an addiction to marijuana.

This proposed law will be on Ohio's November 7th ballot. If it passes, voters in the state might just see themselves becoming the 24th state in the country to legalize recreational cannabis for adult use.