Cannabition: The Immersive Cannabis Museum Returns

The Cannabition Museum is back and better than ever! This Las Vegas attraction, formerly located on the infamous Fremont street, is relocating and will now be a part of the Planet 13 cannabis superstore and entertainment complex. Cannabition is the

by Dessy Pavlova · April 18, 2022

Cannabition The Immersive Cannabis Museum Returns|||lifesize buds at Cannabition Museum||Bongzilla the world’s largest bong at Cannabition||Planet13 Las Vegas|lifesize buds at Cannabis Museum|Caterpillar and a larger-than-life spliff at Cannabition|Hug-a-Bud

The Cannabition Museum is back and better than ever! This Las Vegas attraction, formerly located on the infamous Fremont street, is relocating and will now be a part of the Planet 13 cannabis superstore and entertainment complex. Cannabition is the world’s first and only immersive cannabis Museum. This Cannabis-themed art museum is the first mainstream, large-scale, non-consumption based experience in the world, giving guests the experience of interacting with numerous cannabis-inspired installations in a setting which is both educational and very Instagrammable.

Cannabition 2.0

Cannabition is an experience like no other. With more than twenty cannabis-inspired installations built by global artists and visionaries, it is the only cannabis-themed attraction of its kind. This immersive museum gives guests unique and fun photo opportunities as well as the opportunity to interact with epic oversized art pieces like a stoner caterpillar and a larger-than-life spliff that visitors can pretend to smoke.

Caterpillar and a larger-than-life spliff at Cannabition

Fun Features

This psychedelic playground is “a journey from seed to celebration,” filled with themed-rooms donning colorful backdrops and trippy light installations designed to give guests the experience of “being high.” Guests are encouraged to create, play, and explore this multi-sensory space, as they venture through each room.

Some of the themed rooms include a grow room, harvest room and terpene smell station. The harvest room is fully equipped with an installation of massive 7-foot buds, referred to as “Hug-a-Bud,” while the ritual room allows guests to be “smoked” as guests climb up a staircase through giant red lips and slide (yes—there’s even a slide!) into a pool of big foam buds. These are the things that stoner dreams are made of.


No cannabis museum would be complete without a bong. But what about a bong weighing over 800 pounds? Cannabition is home to the world’s largest bong—Bongzilla. The 24-foot tall bong boasts a 100 gallon reservoir with a gigantic bowl that can hold a quarter pound of weed! The bong is the brainchild of artist Jason Harris, founder and CEO of Seattle-based glass company, Jerome Baker. This fully functional bong made from glow-in-the-dark glass took 4 days of 15 people blowing glass for 8 hours straight to create. The artist, Jason Harris describes Bongzilla as his “artistic opus to cannabis culture.”

Bongzilla the world’s largest bong

Who says learning can’t be fun?!

As guests touch and feel everything along the way through this funhouse-esque journey, they might be having too much fun to realize they are actually learning as well. Each room also includes “discovery” moments and an educational side. Guests will learn about the historical, botanical, wellness, and lifestyle aspects of cannabis, in an entertaining and immersive setting.

The installations and rooms give guests unique opportunities to interact with and learn about all things cannabis—the history, science, style, and culture. Visitors will also learn about the fight for legalization, the difference between Sativa and Indica, the methods of extraction, and the medical aspect of cannabinoids. Guests can immerse themselves in a fun and unconventional experience, learning along the way.

420 Room at Cannabition

World’s Largest Dispensary

As Cannabition prepares for its relocation to the Planet 13 Entertainment Complex, J.J Walker, Founder of the museum, sheds some light on this situation. "The superstore, which already hosts over 3,000 cannabis enthusiasts per day, is the perfect location to bring Cannabition to a huge new audience and to be a part of the premier cannabis destination in the world. Our interactive cannabis-themed art museum has been featured on CNN, Conan O'Brian, and CNBC and I know Planet 13 visitors will love our immersive exhibits, innovative event space and curated retail store.”

Planet13 Las Vegas

Planet 13 is the world’s largest dispensary, recently voted #1 Las Vegas Dispensary. Along with the award-winning Vegas dispensary, the entertainment complex contains a restaurant, coffee shop, and transparent observation hall where visitors can watch the production of cannabis edibles being made right before their very own eyes. Planet 13 uses innovative technology including an interactive LED floor, giant interactive LED lotus flowers, an outdoor water display, an aerial orb show, 3D projections, and an interactive laser art graffiti wall.

The dispensary, fuelled by interactive experiences, provides screens where visitors can learn more about cannabis and the cultivation process. This immersive dispensary aligns perfectly with Cannabition. "Cannabition's multi-level immersive cannabis art museum fits perfectly with the superstore mission to create an interactive and differentiated cannabis-based experience," said Larry Scheffler Co-CEO of Planet 13. "The superstore's addition of a Café, Pizzeria, event center, customer facing production facility, and now Cannabition will continue to cement the superstore's reputation as a one-of-a-kind shopping and entertainment destination in Las Vegas. Creating an experience that no dispensary in the world can replicate."

Future Plans

Although currently you cannot use cannabis onsite at the museum or at the Planet 13 entertainment complex, there are future plans to add a two-storey consumption lounge as soon as Nevada law allows public consumption cafes. The consumption lounge will include a balcony and wading pool, giving patrons the ultimate Las Vegas cannabis consuming experience. Other states have legalized consumption lounges but many were not executed successfully. Cannabis industry insiders believe that Las Vegas—the entertainment capital of the world—will be successful in their execution of consumption lounges, and can serve as a model for the entire nation. If any city can pull this off, it’s definitely Sin City!

What do you think of Cannabition and Planet 13? Would you take a trip to the world’s first and only immersive cannabis museum and the world’s largest dispensary?