Cannabis: A Woman’s Best Friend in the Bedroom

Cannabis sex studies suggest that weed may be just what women need to achieve a better orgasm

by Jenn Sipes · June 20, 2022

Cannabis Sex Studies

Cannabis has been around for thousands of years and has many versatile uses. From making textiles to herbal medicine, the use of cannabis has evolved over the years as the medicinal properties of THC were introduced to mainstream medicine. Cannabis has been linked to many therapeutic and health benefits such as pain management, sleep management, and reducing anxiety and stress—but can it help women in the bedroom? Research suggests that cannabis can also be linked to better sex! Women who use cannabis have reported better sexual experiences including more intimacy, increased arousal, and better orgasms.

As the legalization of cannabis continues to sweep across the nation, more studies are being conducted to better understand the relationships between cannabis and its healing and therapeutic properties—as well as its potential for women in between the sheets. Low libido in women and the ability to reach orgasm is a common problem. According to a 2018 study, 10 to 40% of women report having either difficulty or an inability to reach orgasm. The most common reasons included stress, anxiety, pain, and insufficient arousal. Could cannabis be the answer?

Weed, Sex, and Science

According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, based on studies conducted in the 1970s, cannabis could be linked to human sexual functioning in terms of increased desire and enjoyment. In their 2019 study, the results showed that increasing the use of cannabis is associated with increased satisfaction, sexual desire, and orgasm. Another study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that women who consumed cannabis before sex had double the chances of having satisfactory orgasms. The women also reported increased sex drive and decreased pain during sex while high.

In a 2020 study, a validated questionnaire was used to assess the connection between female sexual function and aspects of the use of cannabis. It was determined that more frequent cannabis consumption was related with lower rates of sexual dysfunction in women. After analyzing the online survey results from 452 women, it was found that for each additional step of cannabis use intensity (ie, times per week), the odds of reporting female sexual dysfunction declined by 21%.

Cannabis Sex Studies: The Big “O”

The findings of these studies could be a gamechanger for women who experience trouble climaxing. Not only can cannabis help to increase sexual arousal in women, but it can also increase orgasms—and even help women reach multiple orgasms! A new data-led study conducted by Lioness, the smart vibrator company, and Bae, makers of the luxury vapor pen, has found a link between cannabis and more satisfying orgasms. Using Lioness’ technology to track orgasms, the study found that fewer than 30% of the test subjects had multiple orgasms, but more than 70% did when high. Although not everyone was multi-orgasmic, test subjects generally spent nearly half a minute longer orgasming while high compared to being sober.

As the effects of THC are known to reduce anxiety and enhance the senses, these effects can in turn be translated to the bedroom for a better sexual experience. Cannabis can alleviate symptoms that can inhibit desire and the ability to orgasm as it can reduce anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, and pain. The heightened sensations felt while high can boost the libido and help you relax, making sex more enjoyable.

Although more research is needed to further examine the relationship between weed and better sexual experience, anecdotal evidence has shown that cannabis can increase sexual enjoyment and orgasm intensity in women. Whether with a partner or solo, cannabis can heighten arousal, making orgasms more intense and even longer. Move over diamonds—cannabis is a girl’s new best friend!