Cannabis in Common

Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman encourage Americans to Speak Up about Legalization

by Dessy Pavlova · April 06, 2022


Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman encourage Americans to Speak Up about Legalization

Two of our favorite stoner comedians, Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman, have joined forces to help launch the Cannabis in Common campaign. Rogen and Silverman both released videos to kickstart Cannabis in Common, a public education initiative aimed at encouraging Americans to contact their legislators and speak up in favor of advancing the legalization of cannabis at the federal level.

Cannabis in Common Campaign for Legalization

Along with the U.S. Cannabis Council and the Headcount’s Cannabis Voter Project, Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman are showing their support for the Cannabis in Common campaign. The campaign also has a long list of companies and organizations backing them in promoting their message to the public. Big names in the cannabis industry such as Canopy Growth Corporation, Columbia Care, and High Times are a few of many supporting partners. Seth Rogen’s cannabis line, Houseplant, and legendary country star Willie Nelson’s cannabis line, Willie’s Reserve, are also proud partners of Cannabis in Common.

Sarah Silverman’s Convincing Message on Cannabis

In her video of support for Cannabis in Common, Sarah Silverman states that although Americans can’t agree on many things, the one thing they have in common is cannabis. Her video encourages Americans to speak up and make a change. As the US Senate is considering a bill to legalize and tax cannabis at the federal level for the first time, all emails and phone calls to legislators can put this into motion. Silverman makes convincing points as she discusses how, if something does not change soon, Americans are settling for laws that disproportionately land people of color in prison while forfeiting tax revenue that could go towards education and other important community investments.

Seth Rogen on Legalizing in the USA

Seth Rogen’s Cannabis in Common video also begins stating that Americans can agree on something—and that something is weed. Rogen discusses the facts about legalizing cannabis at the federal level and how it is long overdue. Although 69% of Americans are for the legalization of cannabis, less than half of senators have come out in favor and some do not even mention what their stance is on the matter. Rogen asks Americans to email and call their elected officials to speak up about legalization. Rogen ends on the strong note that “if we make enough noise, we can make it happen. The American people have cannabis in common. It’s time for congress to join us.”

The Cannabis in Common Goal

The Cannabis in Common goal is simple: to remind our elected officials that cannabis legalization is incredibly popular with their constituents. If the new federal cannabis legalization bill is passed, cannabis will be removed from the list of controlled substances, it will be taxed and regulated at the federal level, and states will be granted the power to keep or administer their own oversight programs.

The Cannabis in Common website includes an interactive map where users can see the senators for each state along with their stance on legalizing cannabis at the federal level. As the website states that it makes contacting your elected official easier than ordering a pizza, there is an email and phone section that allows you to look up information to contact your elected officials. There is also an email template already in place, making it seamless for users to have their voice heard and make a difference in minutes.

“69% of Americans believe cannabis should be legalized for adult-use, and 91% of Americans believe it should be legalized for medical purposes. We may be divided on a lot of issues, but one thing is clear: the American people have cannabis in common.” The email template gets straight to the point.

As the Senate is getting serious about cannabis and the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act is about to be introduced by Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer, this is the time that Americans need to speak up. The current Congress is the most cannabis-friendly in history, but there is still not enough support to get legalization through the Senate, unless voters speak up. Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman have made their voices clear on the issue. If more Americans speak up, their voices can convince indecisive senators to get on board.