Carbon Offsets for Cannabis Delivery

To date has contributed to the removal of 50 tons of carbon from the atmosphere through Onfleet Offset with Pechama.

by Justin Hall · February 20, 2023

We established as a benefit company to remind ourselves to look for more gentle ways to run our business. In the years since I wrote a Benefit Corp? I have been reminded that survival is often enough of a challenge without the effort to find alternative sources for products or services.

So we are grateful when one of our partners offers us a ready way to contribute to the human experiment of managed coexistence on earth. We want to have clean air, clean water, and get weed delivery at home. How to reconcile those things?

For our dispensary partners making deliveries with across America, we use a service called Onfleet to help route the orders for delivery. Onfleet keeps track of the driver's delivery tasks on a map, and so Onfleet knows how many miles are driven making our deliveries and returning to the dispensary.

in Spring 2021, Onfleet announced an Onfleet Offset program. We joined immediately, agreeing to absorb an additional cost to purchase carbon credits. Onfleet signed up with Pechama, a firm selling carbon credits and investing in forest restoration. From Pechama, in mid-2021 Onfleet purchased carbon credits at $8/metric ton to offset emissions. To cover that, $4/ton comes from bud and $4/ton comes from Onfleet.

By the end of 2021, the price of nature-based carbon credits had tripled. It's a good sign if you like market signals that carbon credits are gaining traction. Starting January 2022, Onfleet began paying $7.50/tonne and charging bud $7.50/tonne for the new $15/tonne credits.

To date with Onfleet Offset and Pechama have contributed to the removal of 50 tons of carbon from the atmosphere. We can be proud of this, grateful for a turnkey option. And inspired to do more -

It's clear that carbon credits and offsetting will not be enough to pardon our collective ecological sins. The climate continues to change; let's continue to work to make our endeavors less environmentally taxing.