Marley Natural

Marley Natural is a premium accessory product line crafted with a genuine respect for nature, and is the official brand of Bob Marley.

THC: 23.9% 1.5g
Banana Breath 3PK
THC: 16.2% 1.5g
Petrol Anarchy 3 Pack
THC: 17.3% 1.5g
Petrol 3 Pk
THC: 26% 3.5g
Magic Melon
THC: 24.1% 1.5g
Tahoe Berry OG 3pk
THC: 26.8% 3.5g
White Tahoe Cookies
THC: 18.3% 1.5g
Purple Cake 3pk
THC: 18.6% 3.5g
Dough G 3.5g
THC: 23.3% 3.5g
White Runtz
THC: 17% 1.5g
Original Purple 3 Pack
THC: 25.7% 3.5g
THC: 15.7% 1.5g
Blue Zkittlez 3 Pack
THC: 24.04% 1g
Wedding Wookies
THC: 15.8% 1.5g
Malawai Dream 3 Pack
THC: 28.8% 3.5g
Wedding Cake
THC: 19.1% 3.5g
Saltwater OG
THC: 21.7% 3.5g
THC: 22.2% 3.5g
Cookie Dawg
THC: 19.4% 3.5g
Backwoods Chem
THC: 25.7% 3.5g
Dog Chem
Lava Cake