Cannafornia is a cultivator, manufacturer, and supplier of high-quality cannabis-based in Salinas, California.

Founded in 2017 by South Florida native Paul King, the mission of Cannafornia is to connect recreational and medical cannabis consumers with high-quality, safe, and competitively priced cannabis products.

Nestled in the heart of Monterey County lies the Salinas Valley – an agricultural paradise of fertile soil and salty air. As “The Salad Bowl” of the world, the region is responsible for over 70% of the country’s lettuce crops. Its abundant sunshine and the temperate sea breeze makes it the perfect micro-climate for growing – and it’s why we chose to plant our roots here.

From seed to flower, the entire production process is handled in-house. The result? Top shelf, high-quality cannabis. Benefits include:

Year-round cannabis cultivation Weather and climate control Natural sunlight for a natural plant Cost-effective – which means we can pass those savings on to you