2023 Stoner Holiday Gift Guide

My Top 5 stoner products that are perfect gifts this holiday season for the stoner in your life or yourself!

by Parker Beck · November 22, 2023

2023  Stoner Holiday Gift Guide

Oh how times have changed and we can now get top tier cannabis products shipped right to our homes with no worries. I remember the first time I had a singular cart shipped to me, I felt like the USPS worker was going to raid my house. Below are a list of my favorite weed products that make a perfect gift for the stoner in your life or just yourself!

5. Loud Garden Gummies

If you think you have a high tolerance for edibles, these are gonna put you to the test. I thought my tolerance was high but after taking one of these 75mg gummies I convinced myself that I was glued to my bed all night and had to teach myself how to use my arms and legs again.

Loud Garden Piña Colada gummies in the 2023 Stoner Gift Guide


Who would have thought even 10 years ago that you would be able to so easily start growing your own cannabis seeds in your home. With VIVOSUN’s growing tents it’s never been easier to ditch the plug and start growing your own stash.

VIVOSUN in the 2023 Stoner Gift Guide

3. BoroBuddy Cleaner

I wish I could use this cleaner on all of my problems in life because that’s how well it works! Go into 2024 with all of your bongs lookin brand new and ready for another year of seshs. It’s also super satisfying seeing all that grime disappear. Cleaning your bong has never been easier.

Boro Buddy in the 2023 Stoner Gift Guide


I’m a pretty big chef myself and love to get crazy infusing all kinds of different foods. The LĒVO II is the perfect machine to help you infuse your butter or oil to make the perfect batch of edibles. Just make sure to label your food so grandma doesn’t accidentally get into your stash during Christmas.

LĒVO in the 2023 Stoner Gift Guide

1. Melee Dose Mutant Rope

These ropes are straight up insane, packed with 500mg of live resin Delta 9 THC and HHC, you deserve an award if you can take down a full rope in one sitting. Thankfully, on the packaging it has a dosage meter so you can break off the perfect amount for whatever vibe you are feeling at that time. If you’re feelin like a chill movie night, maybe just break off 25mg. Maybe you want to elevate your cooking experience thinking you're on Master Chef, you can break off 50mg. Or if you’re in a silly goofy mood and want to try and discover the meaning of life, just go for all 500mg.

Melee Dose in the 2023 Stoner Gift Guide

Hope everyone’s stockings are stuffed with cannabis this holiday season. It truly is incredible how far we have all come in the cannabis space and how we can now have THC products legally shipped directly to our homes. The future's looking bright! I hope everyone has an amazing holiday season and feel free to DM me on Twitter (X) at @WeedPorns if you need any other stoner gift ideas! Always happy to help.

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