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Plain Jane CBD Body Lotion
High Gorgeous

Plain Jane CBD Body Lotion

This lotion may be plain, but it packs a big CBD punch. We don't add any color or fragrance, to keep it pure and simple. Use as part of your daily beauty routine to boost skin's moisture and promote healing for skin conditions, arthritis, scars or new tattoos.

Without parabens, soy, sulfates, gluten
Always cruelty-friendly, vegan-friendly

How it works: For topical use only! Rub into skin until it is absorbed. Repeat every two to three hours as needed.

Plain Jane CBD Body Lotion lotion, 0.03g from the High Gorgeous brand offering a CBD experience with 200.0mg THC.

This product is not currently for sale in your area. You might find similar products on the hempshop, an online dispensary:

Weight (g): 0.03

Cannabis Types: CBD

Product Types: Lotion

THC Total (mg): 200.0

Cbd Total: 100mg

THC percentage amounts are average, individual items may vary.