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Mystic Mango 2CBD:1THC

Mystic Mango 2CBD:1THC


Cannariginals’ #1 Elixir, Mystic Mango, is our sublingual tincture, delivering superior cannabinoids for rapid relief from acute or chronic issues of the mind and body, such as headaches, anxiety, joint pain, insomnia and more. Certified Ultra Clear by the American Emu Association, our products are safely ingestible and offer anti-inflammatory properties with the same dual-patented formula and delivery system for near immediate relief throughout the day. 28,800mg Emu Oil, 280mg CBD, 140mg THC

Mystic Mango 2CBD:1THC tincture, 0.03g from the Cannariginals brand offering a CBD experience.

Weight (g): 0.03

Cannabis Types: CBD

Product Types: Tincture

State: California

THC percentage amounts are average, individual items may vary.