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CBD Capsules 30 pack
Mary's Medicinals

CBD Capsules 30 pack


Take one capsule daily or as needed. Do not take on an empty stomach.

Powdered cellulose, vegan capsules, cannabis extract, naturally derived terpenes.

CBD Capsules 30 pack soft gels from the Mary's Medicinals brand offering a CBD experience with 150.0mg THC with 300.0mg CBD.

Cannabis Types: CBD

Product Types: Soft Gels

Servings: 30

THC Total (mg): 150.0

Cbd Total: 300.0

Ingredients: Powdered, Cellulose,, Vegan, Capsules,, Cannabis, Extract,, Naturally, Derived, Terpenes.

State: California

THC percentage amounts are average, individual items may vary.