Cannabis Type

Delta 9 THC comes in many forms: most are from the cannabis plant but some are from the hemp plant. To describe the effects of weed, people use the cannabis types of cannabis sativa, indica, and hybrid - a mix of the two. Most weed is somewhere in the middle between the two extremes of relaxing and stimulating. Plus, if you factor in terpenes and the entourage effect, the specific strain you're ingesting could tell you more about what to expect.


Seeking body relaxation, a nightcap to help you unwind and maybe sleep easier? We carry a range of indica-type cannabis products including flower, vapes, gummies and other edibles, salves and more. Indica can promote pain relief, sedation, and bonding with couches.

If you seek even deeper physical relief, you might try pairing indica with CBD.

If you want to add some uplift to your chillout, you might try an indica hybrid.

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Between euphoria and sedation is a mellow uplifted feeling. Find Hybrid-type cannabis products including flower, vapes, gummies and other edibles, and more. Hybrids can provide a mix of the Sativa and Indica effects, a mix of THC and CBD, and a mix of mind and body effects.

As growers and manufacturers create plants and products with blended genetics, the cannabis type designation “hybrid” becomes more commonplace. Sometimes we can be more specific, we say sativa hybrid or indica hybrid. There’s also hybrid CBD strains. There’s even sativa hybrid CBD strains and indica hybrid CBD strains to dig into for specific sorts of relief or relaxation.

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Are you looking for stimulating, creative, euphoric cannabis strains? We carry many sativa-type cannabis products including flower, vapes, gummies and other edibles, and more. Sativa is the more energizing daytime cannabis, when you want to move around, be social, or dive into a creative space. Some people find sativa can make their mind too busy; in that case you might appreciate a sativa hybrid which can tend to be more mellow and less heady.

We carry flower that balances the sativa’s THC with CBD, including sativa CBD and sativa hybrid CBD offerings. The CBD can serve to mellow out the sativa; functional flower.

Associated with sativa: Thin, narrow cannabis leaves. Daytime. Activity. Productivity.

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Alternative Cannabinoids

Beyond indica, sativa and hybrid is a world of cannabinoids. We mentioned CBD, we have also been looking at HHC, THC-O, Delta 8, and Delta 10.