There are several ways to consume legal and tested measured doses of cannabis. Whether you are managing medical issues or if you prefer smoking alternatives, ingestibles give you control over your dose. At we give you access to different ways to consume THC with products such as several types of THC pills, tinctures and suppositories.

What are THC Ingestibles?

If you have been looking for different ways to consume THC, including smoking alternatives, then you’ve come to the right place!’s huge selection of cannabis ingestibles includes options from top brands, all available for delivery right to your door. So, what exactly are THC ingestibles?

Ingestibles are created by taking phytocannabinoids (which come from ground cannabis flower) and infusing them at low temperatures with a high-fat substance, such as oil or butter. This activates the THC or CDB in the marijuana flower, and the infused substance is strained to remove remaining cannabis plant materials for final use.

Why Try THC Ingestibles?

For some marijuana users, ingestibles are a preferred way to consume THC. This is due to a variety of factors, including the discrete nature of THC ingestible products. Ingestibles do not come with the smell, visibility, or smoke of other THC products. Often in the form of a THC capsule or pill, cannabis ingestibles are easy for on-the-go use, simple to consume, and completely smoke-free. Ingestibles also typically come without the extra sugar and calories that are often present in traditional edibles, like candy and cookies.

What are Some Types of THC Ingestibles? offers a selection of cannabis ingestibles ready for delivery. Whether you are a pro or just trying ingestibles out for the first time, we have an option for you. Take a look at some of the different forms of THC ingestibles:

  • THC Capsules/Pills
  • THC Tablets (dissolvable)
  • Cannabis RSO and FSO Oil
  • THC Soft Gels
  • THC Tinctures
  • Cannabis Suppositories

Besides these product types, has options from your favorite cannabis brands like AbsoluteXtracts, Care by Design,Mary's Medicinal, Papa & Barkley, Friendly Farms, and more! We even have CBD, CBN, and THCa options, as well as sativa, hybrid, and indica strains to fit with your own personal preference.

Browse our list of cannabis ingestibles for delivery today!

  • Cannabis tinctures measured in a dropper
  • Cannabis Spray tinctures
  • Cannabis capsules
  • Weed soft gels
  • Dissolvable sublingual weed tablets
  • Cannabis pouch in your gums
  • Cannabis chewing gum
  • Cannabis suppositories