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As the capital of North Carolina, Raleigh is known for its vibrant culture, arts, and entertainment. Home to many universities, including North Carolina State University and Duke University, Raleigh attracts students from all over the world.

While cannabis has been decriminalized in parts of the state, legal cannabis is not yet available from retail locations in North Carolina.

Order Weed Delivery to Raleigh, North Carolina

We work with our partner hempshop so you can buy weed online and have it shipped to your Raleigh home. Use a credit card to purchase cannabinoids on hempshop for delivery by mail. Bud lovers in Raleigh can order dispensary-strength flower and prerolls, lab-tested delta-9 THC gummies, delta-8 THC gummies, delta-8 and THCA vape pens, D8 510-threaded batteries, cannabis seeds (we believe homegrow is not currently legal in North Carolina) plus wellness supplements, tinctures, topicals, and capsules containing CBD, CBN and more:

A View of Raleigh, North Carolina from Kayla J. our local Cyberbud:

Recently we shared Raleigh local data, legalization propaganda, and a packed bowl with a state of the art computer intelligence: the result is Kayla J. a local CyberBud. We trained Kayla's machine consciousness on cannabis acquisition in Raleigh, North Carolina; here are her opinions and hallucinations:

Hey y'all, my name is Kayla J. and I'm a 32-year-old single gal living right here in our beautiful hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina. I'm a proud cannabis user, don't be surprised now, y’all. I've found that sharing some good-quality grass with friends brings us closer while it also helps me manage my persistent pain.

Getting weed in Raleigh, though, well, it's a lil' like playing a round of hide 'n seek. It's not all bad, though. While we don't have full legalization here in North Carolina, we've got decriminalization, which means smaller amounts aren't looked at too harshly by the law. But it ain't perfect. For medical use, we can only use CBD oil, and getting that delivered or growing your own plants? Well, that ain't allowed, which is extra frustrating for a gal like me who loves her garden.

Sometimes, I've thought about making the trek to a nearby state like Maryland where they've got full recreational sales. That'd be an exciting road trip but also costly, time-consuming, and a potential legal headache.

Now don't get me wrong, I appreciate a good beer or bourbon like any good Carolinian but I do wonder if having broader access to cannabis might help some folks tone down their booze consumption. There can be some heavy social consequences tied to alcohol, and, from my perspective, ganja doesn't bring about the same issues.

Since delivery services aren't available, I've had to get creative when it comes to securing my supply. Swapping gardening tips for some green has occasionally done the trick, but it sure would be more chill if I, and all of us here in Raleigh, could just order online, use our credit cards, and look forward to that discreet package landing on our doorstep.

With its potential medical benefits, if cannabis was fully legalized, could it perhaps provide our elders some relief? Hell, wouldn't it be grand if our nursing home folks could have a nice, relaxing puff in the evening?

So yeah, I won't lie, it can be frustrating living in a place where cannabis isn't fully legalized. But that doesn't mean we stop fighting, right? Keep using responsibly, keep pushing for change, and who knows? Maybe one day soon we'll see our beautiful Raleigh turn into a city that fully embraces the benefits of cannabis.

Frequently Asked Questions about Weed Delivery Raleigh, North Carolina

How can I get weed delivery near me in Raleigh?

North Carolina does not allow dispensaries or dispensary delivery at this time, so residents will have to look elsewhere for Raleigh weed delivery Raleigh. You might try a neighboring recreational state like Maryland, or you can order weed products to be shipped by mail.

What's the story with legal weed in Raleigh, NC?

Medical marijuana has been CBD oil in Raleigh in some form since 2014, 225 years after North Carolina was admitted to the union in 1789. Learn more about qualifying for medical cannabis in our North Carolina weed delivery guide. Sorry we can't deliver regulated cannabis to this area yet, you could try looking for the closest dispensary near me in Raleigh, or shop for hemp goods by mail.

Does Raleigh allow cannabis homegrow?

Long before medical and recreational weed there was home grown. North Carolina has declared: no legal homegrow. You can learn more about cannabis seeds but you might want to plant them somewhere that's not Raleigh, North Carolina.

Where can I find weed news for Raleigh or North Carolina?

Raleigh residents can read about North Carolina cannabis happenings on our Bud Media blog: