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The CGC XJ-13 is a sativa dominant strain and is a cross between G13 Haze and Jack Herer. It is one of the most clean and smooth strains you can possibly get your hands on. Not only is it a classic hybrid, but it has plenty to offer at the same time. With 18% THC and 1.95% CBD content, it is the perfect strain for individuals who are medicating with cannabis for the very first time. The buds are neon-green in color and are extremely dense all the while being covered with thick trichomes. As for the smell, it is earthy, danky and sour all at the same time. The taste is more or less the same, but spicy as well. The effects of the high kick in almost immediately. However, you have to keep in mind that it does not induce paranoia –like symptoms which is why it is recommended to first time cannabis users in the first place. The high offers a sensational body buzz and is quite strong. Moreover, you may even experience symptoms of couch-lock. But what is really interesting is that you will feel focused and clear-headed which is normally not the case with most sativa dominant strains. That being said, the strain is also effective at treating chronic aches and pains and is perfect for patients suffering from anxiety.

XJ-13 vape cartridge, 1g or 0.035 ounce, from the Herb & Zen brand offering a hybrid experience of the XJ-13 strain with 86.06% THC with 0.36% CBD.

Weight (g): 1

Strains: XJ-13

Cannabis Types: Hybrid

Product Types: Vape Cartridge

THC %: 86.06%

CBD %: 0.36

THC percentage amounts are average, individual items may vary.

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