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Bedtime Blueberry w/ Melatonin - Vegan
Sensi Products

Bedtime Blueberry w/ Melatonin - Vegan


Sensi Gummies Bedtime Blueberry is a tasty 100mg vegan gummie with 50% less sugar than other cannabis gummies. It contains full spectrum cannabis extract PLUS melatonin to help sooth people to sleep AND Omega 3 from algae for better cannabis absorption. It’s the perfect edible for those looking for relief from insomnia. Cannabis helps relieve inflammation, pain, and tension. Melatonin can regulate sleep patterns and help people fall asleep and stay asleep. Combing cannabis and melatonin gives you the best of both worlds. Plus all Sensi Gummies are infused with Omega 3 macronutrients which have been found to help the body better absorb cannabis and keep our endocannabinoid system in balance. Typical users are those who have severe to moderate insomnia looking to wake up refreshed after a good night’s sleep.
Do not take this product if you are allergic to melatonin. Ask your doctor before combining with other sleep aids.

-Infused with 2mg Melatonin per gummie
-30% lower sugar than other cannabis gummies
-Added health benefits of Omega 3 from algae
-Full spectrum cannabis extract
-All natural ingredients
-Fast acting

Bedtime Blueberry w/ Melatonin - Vegan gummy, 0.1g or 100 milligrams, a tenth of a gram, from the Sensi Products brand offering a hybrid experience.

Weight (g): 0.1

Cannabis Types: Hybrid

Product Types: Gummy

THC Total (mg): 0.00

Cbd Total: 0.00

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