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Mychron & Utopia on sale, and more!; while supplies last; promotional pricing & taxes could affect your total.


Premium and value flower deals from top Cali cultivators:

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THC: 30.9% 3.5g
Pink Grapefruit
THC: 26.04% 3.5g
Adios Mother F*cker
THC: 27.3% 3.5g
THC: 28.98% 3.5g
Modified Grapes
THC: 25.3% 3.5g
Queso Madre
THC: 32.71% 3.5g
Peanut Butter Breath
THC: 22.89% 3.5g
Cheetah Piss
THC: 30.99% 3.5g
Silver Punch
THC: 26.21% 3.5g
THC: 25.27% 3.5g
Buddha's Hand
THC: 25.28% 14g
Gush Mintz
THC: 27.85% 3.5g
THC: 28.94% 3.5g
Red Runtz
THC: 28.68% 3.5g
Thic Mintz
THC: 30.4% 3.5g
Carl's Fog
THC: 28.46% 3.5g
Sundae Driver
THC: 29% 3.5g
THC: 28% 3.5g
Deep End Butter
THC: 35.73% 3.5g
NorCal OG
THC: 14.48% 3.5g
Lemon Cherry Gelato
THC: 25.84% 3.5g
Wedding Cake
THC: 32.81% 3.5g
THC: 25.87% 3.5g
Dog Walker
THC: 26.07% 3.5g
THC: 25.06% 3.5g
Donny Burger
THC: 27.8% 3.5g
Cherry Punch
THC: 25.25% 3.5g
Blood Orange Slushie
THC: 24.78% 3.5g
THC: 10.63% 3.5g
Desert Lime
THC: 25.8% 3.5g
Waffle Cone
THC: 32.36% 3.5g
Banana Frosting
THC: 30.13% 3.5g
Cheetah Piss
THC: 8.64% 3.5g
Bay Breeze
THC: 29% 3.5g
THC: 27% 3.5g
Egyptian Kush
THC: 29.5% 3.5g
Vanilla bean
THC: 22.77% 3.5g
THC: 26.01% 3.5g
Forbidden Runtz
THC: 26.9% 3.5g
Dosi-Orange #9


Grab and toke- find pre-rolls, blunts, and infused joints:

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THC: 43.3% 1g
Moon Pie
THC: 85.6% 0.5g
Watermelon Z Pod
THC: 25.72% 3.5g
The Energetic 10PK
THC: 20.79% 2g
Blue Agave Blunt
THC: 40.41% 2.5g
Blue Dream [5pk]
THC: 40.86% 2.5g
Skywalker OG [5pk]
THC: 4.6% 1g
Royal Highness
THC: 27.61% 1g
Hana Butter
THC: 28.7% 1g
Lava Cake
THC: 32.27% 1g
Grease Monkey
THC: 28.11% 1g
White Runtz
THC: 21.4% 1g
Lemon Cherry Gelato
THC: 43.6% 1g
THC: 22.26% 1g
Key Lime Pie
THC: 15.3% 3.5g
Big Steve 7
THC: 41.6% 1g
THC: 27.85% 1g
THC: 26.73% 1g
Mother's Milk
THC: 34.27% 1g
Banana Kush
THC: 17.94% 3.5g
Indica Bones 7
THC: 23.13% 1g
Black Aphgoo

Vape Cartridges

Choose one of our regular & live resin THC and CBD vape cartridges or carts that work with 510-thread vape batteries (the most common):

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THC: 82.2% 1g
Jack Herer
THC: 95.4% 1g
Cereal Milk
THC: 88.01% 1g
Malibu OG
THC: 83.7% 1g
Jack Herer
THC: 3.2% 0.5g
18:1 CBD:THC
THC: 80.8% 1g
THC: 81.76% 0.5g
King Louis
THC: 85.66% 0.5g
THC: 86.71% 1g
Maui Wowie
THC: 86.96% 0.5g
Blue Dream
THC: 84.1% 1g
THC: 72.5% 1g
THC: 81.64% 1g
Blue Dream

Vape Pods

Find vape pods to work with Pax Era, Stiiizy, Grenco Gio G-Pen, DART, AiroPro and more:

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THC: 87.46% 1g
King Louis XIII
THC: 87.52% 0.5g
Skywalker OG
THC: 85.85% 0.5g
King Louis XIII
THC: 89.34% 1g
Sour Diesel
THC: 85.75% 0.5g
Sour Diesel
THC: 86.68% 1g
Blue Dream
THC: 92.58% 0.5g
Premium Jack
THC: 85.6% 0.5g
Watermelon Z Pod
THC: 90.94% 1g
Jealousy CDT Pod
THC: 87.84% 1g
Premium Jack
THC: 81.56% 0.5g
Granddaddy Purp Pod

Vape Pens

Find all-in-one, or disposable vape pens that include all you need to vaporize cannabis:

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THC: 90.65% 0.5g
Apple Fritter LIIIL Pen
THC: 90.79% 0.5g
Skywalker OG
THC: 89.2% 0.5g
Premium Jack .5g LIIIL Pen
THC: 89.31% 0.5g
Sour Diesel .5g LIIIL Pen
THC: 85.43% 0.5g
Blue Dream LIIIL
THC: 89.56% 0.5g
Pineapple Express
THC: 89.24% 0.5g
Granddaddy Purp Liiil Rtu
THC: 86% 0.5g
Watermelon Z LIIIL
THC: 275.9% 0.33g
Purple Fuego Disposable
THC: 78.57% 0.35g
Green Crack
THC: 86.22% 0.35g
Pineapple Express
THC: 24.37% 1g
THC: 85.93% 0.35g
THC: 87.66% 0.35g
THC: 84.33% 0.35g
King Louie
THC: 82.82% 0.35g
Maui Wowie


These are perfect for a subtle tap on your mood or to build blocks for chronic relief. Pick a convenient THC or CBD gummy or fruit chew:

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Cherry Sativa
THC: 50% 0.1g
Peach 2:1 CBD:THC
Rainbow Kush
Grapes n' Cream


Measured and microdose THC and CBD edibles:

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Original Mints


THC and CBD beverages, teas, colas, and more liquid innovations:

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THC: 10% 0.01g
Cola (10mg)
THC: 1000% 1g
Cherry Syrup
THC: 10% 0.01g
Purple Passion Soda (10mg)
THC: 1000% 1g
Grape Syrup


These capsules, soft gels, spray, tinctures, or suppositories offer a measured dose of cannabis:

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THC: 60% 0.08g
4:1 CBD Drops


High potency shatters, live resins, crumbles, waxes and hashes:

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THC: 51.12% 1g
Dosiface Cold Water Hash SALE
THC: 51.12% 1g
Dosiface Cold Water Hash SALE
THC: 52% 1g
Runtz Cold Water Hash SALE
THC: 79.3% 1g
Tropicali Sugar
THC: 78.7% 1g
Green Mango
THC: 81.3% 1g
Pink Guava Sugar
THC: 80.5% 1g
Rose Gold Sugar
THC: 83% 1g
Sunshine OG Sugar
THC: 854.58% 1g
Marathon OG Crumble
THC: 79.5% 1g
Sherbet Smoothie Sugar
THC: 81.89% 1g
Punch Bomb Live Budder
THC: 80.01% 1g
Fatso Live Budder
THC: 78.88% 1g
Zooted Live Resin
THC: 79.45% 1g
GSC Shatter


Try a cannabis topical for localized pain relief:

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CBD or cannabidiol products that could offer some potential relaxation or focus benefits:

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THC: 50% 0.1g
Peach 2:1 CBD:THC
THC: 4.6% 1g
Royal Highness
THC: 7.41% 1g
Bay Breeze CBD
THC: 8.64% 3.5g
Bay Breeze
THC: 6.07% 1g
Citrus Gummies
THC: 60% 0.08g
4:1 CBD Drops
THC: 24.37% 1g
THC: 7.41% 2.5g
Bay Breeze Pack
THC: 6.18% 3.5g
Gelato Quin
THC: 11.19% 1g
Pure Guava
THC: 3.2% 0.5g
18:1 CBD:THC


Fetch some relief with pet-formulated tinctures, topicals, and edibles:

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Seeds & Clones

Grow your own from these seeds and starts we can bring you:

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Smoking and vaping accessories, from lighters and rolling papers to bongs and dab rigs.

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Quality Cannabis Products

Lab-tested flower, vapes, edibles, beverages, gummies, prerolls, topicals, tinctures, concentrates, and pet products: