Delivery Drivers

Thank you for your interest in delivering cannabis with! helps hire cannabis delivery drivers across California.

During coronavirus, there has been a surge in demand for delivery cannabis. The local municipalities have deemed cannabis an essential business. Our customers are patients & people who appreciate having access to cannabis during this unsettling time of shelter-in-place.

Keeping Drivers & Customers Safe

To protect your health and the health of our customers, we work with our dispensary fulfillment partners ensuring hygiene protocols are updated to follow delivery-industry best practices. More details on our post about coronavirus.

Are you a delivery cannabis candidate?

We're looking for folks who can be punctual and dependable.

We're looking for people with a clean driving record and a reliable automobile. Due to regulations, we can't make deliveries via motorcycle, scooter, or bicycle - sorry.

Familiarity with cannabis is an obvious plus in this role.  The demand for safe, legal access to this plant is only growing and we look forward to recruiting people who are excited to grow with cannabis delivery.

Employees, not Contractors

Due to California state regulations, all cannabis must be delivered by employees of a licensed, permitted cannabis delivery company. There's no contractor work delivering weed in California. is not the company that hires drivers. We work with local partners who ensure a positive employment experience for our cannabis delivery staff.

How to Apply to Drive to Deliver Cannabis

Please send a cover letter & resume to [email protected] to apply for driver positions.

As our local partners specific post openings for delivery personnel, we'll share links to them here!

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