Sungrown with love, Sunflower cannabis is grown with a focus on terpenes, and how each of the most commonly found in cannabis affects the flavor and aroma.

THC: 17.98% 3.5g
Limonene INSPIRATION 8th Sativa
THC: 18.16% 3.5g
Terpinolene ENERGY 8th Sativa
THC: 22.85% 0.7g
THC: 18.16% 14g
Terpinolene / Energy
THC: 22.85% 14g
Pinene / Focus
THC: 22.85% 3.5g
Pinene FOCUS 8th Hybrid
THC: 17.21% 14g
Ocimene / Calm
THC: 17.21% 3.5g
Ocimene CALM 8th
THC: 16.99% 14g
Myrcene / Relax
THC: 16.99% 3.5g
Myrcene RELAXATION 8th Indica
THC: 17.98% 14g
Limonene / Inspire
THC: 20.81% 14g
Caryophyllene / Comfort
THC: 20.81% 3.5g
Caryophyllene COMFORT 8th