The Smoakland Organix are premium sungrown flowers, commonly known as outdoor flowers. Their Organix are sourced from Northern and Southern regions of California. Their latest strains come from Yolo, Humboldt, Trinity, and Santa Barbara Counties. These areas are known to have some of the richest soil in the state. Smoakland Exotix are premium top shelf flowers. Each strain is grown in a more controlled environment and harvested at its peak to yield the highest potency and quality of their flower.

Irish Cream
THC: 27.37% 14g
Tropicana Cookies 14g
Grape Ape
THC: 32.54% 14g
Dosido 14g
Sour Diesel
Blue Dream
THC: 29.76% 14g
Paradise Citrus 14g
THC: 26.34% 14g
Blue Dream 14g
THC: 20.91% 14g
Pineapple Express 14g
THC: 20.22% 14g
Superman OG 14g Half Ounce
THC: 20.61% 3.5g
Smoakland Magic 3.5g Eighth
THC: 20.25% 3.5g
Marathon OG 3.5g Eighth
THC: 18.83% 14g
Buddha Cheese 14g
THC: 19.61% 14g
Irish Cream 14g
THC: 30.32% 14g
Motor Breath 14g
THC: 30.15% 3.5g
Motor Breath 3.5g