Raw Garden

Raw Garden uses organic practices to produce single-source terpenes and oil. No additives, fillers, or adulterants. Raw Garden makes trustworthy vape cartridges, concentrates for dabbing, and flower.

Founded in 2011 by CEO John De Friel and COO Thomas Martin, Raw Garden is based in Santa Barbara County.

Raw Garden makes live resin, sauce, live resin vape cartridge, vape cartridge, vape battery, pax era vape pod, live sauce, vape pen, diamonds, cannabis products for sale in California. Raw Garden is known for strains like Extreme OG, Tyrone, Bear OG, Karma's OG, Triangle Kush, Columbian Gold, Thai, Swiss, Leeroy OG, GG4, Original Glue, Cherry Slurm, The Wife, Charlottes Cherrie, Lilikoi Pie, Pure OG Kush, Mendo Purps, Kosher Chem, Sour Crack, Lemon Berry #14, Cosmic Bliss, Banana OG, Dosi Punch, GSC, Face Off OG, Kosher OG, Strawberry Gas, Chem Ape, Pre-98 Bubba, The White, Lime OG, Grape Crinkle, Jack Punch, Wubba, Berry Stomper, Chemstomper, Clementine, Mendo Breath, Purple Punch, Strawberry, Jack Herer, Chemdog, Kimbo Cookies, Wifi Walker, Key Lime Cookies, Super Sour Diesel, Gorilla Glue, Chemdawg, Lychee, Pink Lemonade, Mendo, Purps, Sativa, Durban, Cream, Chem Kush, Chem 91, Tangelo, Sour, Cookies, Glue, Key Lime, Lemon Cream, Peanut Butter Breath, Haze, Banana Cookies, Tart, 24K, Gorilla, Banana, Sweet Diesel, Cookie Pie, Zookies, Ice Cream Cake, Banana Punch, Kiwi, Cake, Chem, Berry Haze, Apple Fritter, Kush Cake, Sour Diesel, Rudeboi Og, Kush, Lava, Fuel, Yuzu, Aurora Borealis, Sweet Cream, Fuego.

If you want to buy Raw Garden online from a dispensary near me, there might be some on the shelves here Cannabis Buyers Club Berkeley, The Farmacy Westwood, Los Angeles Patient Caregivers Group, One Plant Salinas, One Plant Atwater, Chai Santa Cruz, A Green Alternative, Sunset Pipeline, Ktown Collective, Flora Terra.

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THC: 89.61% 0.5g
Key Lime Cookies
THC: 85% 0.33g
Clementine Kush
THC: 84% 1g
Strawberry Rose
THC: 82.88% 0.33g
Leeroys Lambsdread
THC: 79.44% 0.33g
Guava Lemonade Rtu
THC: 82.22% 0.5g
Apple Fritter #74
Chem Blossom