M.P. Glassworthy
M.P. Glassworthy

M.P. Glassworthy

What is M.P. Glassworthy brand cannabis?

The Legend of M.P. Glassworthy M.P. Glassworthy is a selection of the finest premium cannabis, cultivated and curated for potency in homage to the legendary Lord Malcolm P. Glassworthy, Ninth Earl of Glassworthy, champion of cannabis, father of social lubrication, witness to history, and herald of the Glassworthy name.

M.P. Glassworthy high potency line features strains starting at 22% THC. We source from only the best cultivators of fine California Cannabis. M.P. Glassworthy Ultra potency line has been artfully curated for THC levels of 26% or higher. We believe that MPG himself would be proud to smoke our product.

Today, in homage to this supreme high, when it is time to partake of the finest cannabis, we summon the spirit of Malcolm P. Glassworthy and proudly proclaim, “To The Tower!”


Basic info about M.P. Glassworthy

M.P. Glassworthy makes flower cannabis products.

M.P. Glassworthy strains

M.P. Glassworthy is known for strains like Krush Cake, Durban Poison.