Molecular Farms

FISH & LOVE Our philosophy is simple: feed your plants with good nutrients and good vibes.

Molecular Farms doesn’t just grow with the same top-shelf ingredients used by large agricultural operators, but we shower our cannabis with a passion and dedication that can only come from the heart.

In addition to the golden sun, our main nutrient component is fish hydrolysate: a key ingredient for organic growers of all crops, which maintains and improves the biodiversity of the soil. You can sense it in the beauty, aroma, and taste of our flowers.

But more importantly, our main energy component is love. This attitude and perspective comes from not only caring deeply about our crops, but the people who will ultimately use and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

The Salinas Valley is a very special place. Originally named for its high salt content, generations of time have produced some of the most impressive sandy loam soil in the world: ensuring plants have a near-perfect blend of nutrients, minerals, and moisture.

THC: 28.34% 7g
Space Force One
THC: 22.83% 7g
Lemon Cookies
THC: 22.83% 3.5g
Lemon Cookies