Mirayo by Santana

"If you’ve been to a Santana concert, you may have heard me take a minute between songs to advocate the spiritual use of cannabis. Why? I’ll explain it this way: I’m a flame-keeper for the spiritual re evolution that made a happening like Woodstock possible, the striving of universal love." "Cannabis has special properties in my experience to enhance meditative reflection, sensual perception and creative expression. It can dispel negative doubt to reveal the everlasting gift of our uniqueness. I advocate cannabis as a door to divine wisdom." "In Autlan, Mexico and later in Tijuana, my mother would make salves of cannabis to relieve various pains and symptoms. Maybe that’s why I think of cannabis as a medicine more than a drug. Drugs are made in a lab. Medicine is made by a beam of sunlight into plants. For me, cannabis is a blessing worth sharing." "mirayo is my salute and invitation to celebrate your invaluable, essential divine light." -Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana, the ten-time GRAMMY Award-winning guitarist and longtime cannabis advocate, announced today the launch of Mirayo by Santana™, a line of premium cannabis products created in partnership with Left Coast Ventures. Inspired by his Latin heritage and dedication to spiritual well-being, this new line provides consumers with high-quality flower products that leverage the power of ancient remedies and act as a guide for consumers on their path to discovering their divine light.

The name is a combination of "my" and "ray" in Spanish, which honors Santana's heritage and hopes to empower everyone to "follow your light."

"It's an honor to create a brand with a musical legend that embraces ancient heritage, deep spirituality and self-discovery. Mirayo celebrates the plant and its place within ancient Latin heritage," said Brett Cummings, CEO of Left Coast Ventures. "We are so excited to work alongside Carlos Santana to curate a premium line of products that enhance the mind-body energy flow."

Carlos Augusto Alves Santana

Mirayo by Santana makes preroll, flower cannabis products for sale in California. If you want to buy Mirayo by Santana online from a dispensary near me, there might be some on the shelves here Cannabis Buyers Club Berkeley, Abatin Wellness, Mission Organic Center.

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THC: 19.6% 2.5g
Kush Pie 5pk
THC: 18.3% 2.5g
Confetti Cake 5pk
THC: 16.8% 2.5g
Dream Fuel 5pk
THC: 32.54% 3.5g
THC: 21.92% 2.5g
Wedding Crasher 5pk
THC: 25.55% 3.5g
Trifecta Cookies
THC: 20.71% 2.5g
Purple Haze 5 Pack
THC: 21.3% 2.5g
Slurricake 5pk
THC: 21.6% 2.5g
Ice Cream Zkittlez 5pk
THC: 23.13% 7g
THC: 22.7% 2.5g
Mystic Melon 5pk
THC: 25.91% 3.5g
Blue Dream
THC: 32.11% 7g
Sunset Sherbet
THC: 33.46% 3.5g
GMO x Grape Pie