Lowell Herb Co.

You probably first heard about this brand when they were making trendy cannabis flower bouquets, and now you likely see their grown-up packaging elevating dispensary shelves. Lowell's pre-rolls come with nearly a gram of California weed grown on the Golden State's central coast. The highs are cultivated just as carefully as the flower itself, resulting in consistent vibes you can count on.

Lowell Herb Co. makes preroll, flower, live rosin, rosin, hash, live resin, sauce, infused preroll, , vape cartridge cannabis products for sale in California. Lowell Herb Co. is known for strains like More Cowbell, Double Ghost OG, Wedding Cake, Orange Creamsicle, Amnesia Haze, Magic Melon, Juicy Fruit, Jack Herer, SFV OG, Moon OG, Lemon Larry OG, Tangie Cream, Sour Strawberry, Red Fire Cookies, Mendo Breath, GMO, Gelato, Dreadbread, Crosstown Traffic, Black Jack, The Berry White Band, Berry Haze, White Buffalo, Sundae Driver, Strawberry Bananaz, Sour Buffalo, Melon Ringz, Grape Animal Cookies, The Gossip, Everything Bagel, Chiquita Banana, Atomic Lemon, Garlic Cookies, Melon Sorbet, Purple Banana, Blue Hawaiian, Gelato #33, OG Kush, Mimosa, Blue Dream, Garanimals, Garlic Gelato, Fatso OG, Watermelon Zkittlez, Jah Goo, Super Silver Haze, Cake -, Lemon Chem, THC Bomb, Purple Punch, Flo White, Lemon Diesel, Kush Mints, Cherry Glaze, Runtz, Grease Monkey, Black Forest Cake, Big Smooth, Purple Banana Jar, Lemon Jack Jar, Berry Chronic Jar, Black Forest Cake Jar, Mendo Crumble, Disco Mints, Original Gorilla, Sour Diesel, OG Blueberry Creme, Sativa, GG4, Chile Verde, Blue Banana, Original Glue, Blueberry.

If you want to buy Lowell Herb Co. online from a dispensary near me, there might be some on the shelves here Mission Organic Center, One Plant Salinas, The Farmacy Westwood, A Green Alternative, One Plant Atwater, Chai Santa Cruz, Cannabis Buyers Club Berkeley, Barbary Sunset Cannabis Dispensary.

If you want Lowell Herb Co. delivery near me, check around cities including Daly City, Menlo Park, Pacifica, Redwood City, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, San Mateo, Salinas, Seaside, Gilroy, Chula Vista, Imperial Beach, Carlsbad, San Diego, El Cajon, Escondido, Oceanside, Vista, Merced, Turlock, Modesto, Santa Cruz, Alameda, Danville, Concord, Pleasant Hill, El Cerrito, Richmond, Fremont, Hayward, Castro Valley, Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda, San Leandro, San Ramon, Walnut Creek, Oakland, Emeryville, Berkeley, Albany, San Rafael, Novato, Sausalito, San Francisco.

THC: 25% 3.5g
Lemon Jack Jar
THC: 25.55% 3.5g
Lemon Lush Jar
THC: 24% 3.5g
Purple Banana Jar
THC: 23.44% 3.5g
Black Forest Cake Jar
THC: 22.75% 3.5g
Berry Chronic Jar
THC: 22% 1g
THC: 20% 3.5g
THC: 23.73% 1g
Flo White
THC: 24.5% 4g
Cherry Glaze 4G
THC: 23% 3.5g
Flo White
THC: 25.55% 3.5g
Lemon Lush
THC: 20.15% 3.5g
Flo White 6 Pack
THC: 22.31% 3.5g
Blue Banana 6 Pack
THC: 20.76% 1g
Original Gorilla
THC: 22.72% 1g
Black Forest Cake
THC: 23.29% 4g
Disco Mints 4G
THC: 21.75% 4g
Sour Diesel 4G
THC: 24.13% 3.5g
The Chill 10PK
THC: 23.15% 3.5g
The Energetic 10PK
THC: 20.11% 3.5g
The Passion 10PK
THC: 18.49% 3.5g
Sour Diesel 10 Pack
THC: 20.02% 3.5g
Runtz 6PK
THC: 21.76% 3.5g
Bruce Banner 6PK
THC: 20.83% 3.5g
Banana Pudding 6PK
THC: 19% 1g
Big Smooth
THC: 20% 1g
Sundae Driver
THC: 21% 1g
Sour Diesel
THC: 26% 3.5g
Mendo Crumble
THC: 26.15% 3.5g
OG Blueberry Creme
THC: 20% 1g
White Buffalo
THC: 26% 1g
Kush Mints
THC: 26% 1g
THC: 16% 1g
Mendo Breath
THC: 21% 1g
THC: 18% 1g
Moon OG
THC: 21% 1g
Magic Melon
THC: 19% 1g
Gelato 33
THC: 23% 3.5g
Wildland Haze
THC: 19% 3.5g
Red Fire Cookies
THC: 17% 3.5g
Mendo Breath
THC: 20% 3.5g