This artisanal brand took inspiration from 1970s coastal California and then elevated that inspiration to craft single-strain, 100% all-natural pre-rolls. When shopping this brand, you’ll find both traditional cone-shaped joints and hemp tube pre-rolls that more closely resemble cigarettes. Island also offers pint-sized, half-gram joints that are perfect for solo smoke sessions or small group hangs.

Island makes flower, pax era vape pod, preroll, vape cartridge cannabis products for sale in California. Island is known for strains like Fruity Pebbles, Banana Kush, OG Drift, Tangie, Alien OG, Blackjack, Strawberry Banana, Indica, London Poundcake, Sativa, Hybrid, Sundae Driver.

If you want to buy Island online from a dispensary near me, there might be some on the shelves here A Green Alternative, The Farmacy Westwood, LAPCG Los Angeles Patient Caregivers Group.

If you want Island delivery near me, check around cities including Chula Vista, Imperial Beach, Carlsbad, San Diego, El Cajon, Escondido, Oceanside, Vista.

Wedding Cake
THC: 25.91% 7g
Alien OG
THC: 21.38% 7g
Strawberry Banana
THC: 23.89% 7g
THC: 21.86% 1g
Pacific Dream
THC: 21.03% 1g
OG Drift
THC: 28.53% 1g
Citrus Wave
THC: 28.22% 3.5g
Fruit Cartridge
Citrus Wave
THC: 27.38% 3.5g
Alien OG
THC: 21.24% 0.7g
Og Drift
THC: 23% 2.5g
Drift OG MINI [5-pk]
Fruit 5pk
THC: 19.21% 0.7g
THC: 17.64% 0.7g
Evergreen Haze
Donut Shack
THC: 23.38% 3.5g
Strawberry Banana
THC: 22.62% 3.5g
OG Drift