Hella Dank

The symbiotic relationships that have long empowered the earth and its people: Sustainability for the environment, Prosperity for the farmer, and in turn, Well-being for the consumer. The ideal hashish formula has these elements working in perfect unison, and they are the groundwork for the Hella Dank process.

It all starts with the cultivators; we are merely highlighting their love for the land and passion for artisanal horticulture. We combine sustainably sourced material with the cleanest water, ice, and methodology which respects the cannabis plant. No solvents or chemicals are used during the creation of our products.

We craft products in only a few categories; above everything else, we are an ice water hashish company, and everything we make is centered around it. There are no additives/chemicals used in any part of the process. Our ingredients are simple: water, ice, and cannabis.

Our product categories are also simple: Hashish: 4 Star Bubble Grade Hashish, 5 Star Liquid Grade Hashish, and 5 Star Hashish-Rosin Prerolls: Indica Dominant, Sativa Dominant, and CBD

THC: 31.18% 0.8g
Slurricane Hash-Infused
Lion's Claw
THC: 30.59% 0.8g
Jungle Cake w/ Jungle Cake Hash
THC: 27.73% 0.8g
Legend OG w/ Legend OG Hash
THC: 24.15% 0.8g
Blue Kush w/ Blue Kush Hash
THC: 28.81% 0.8g
Lion's Claw w/ Lion's Claw Hash
THC: 24.87% 0.8g
Hammerhead w/ Velvet Purps Hash
THC: 23.1% 0.8g
Cactus w/ Cactus Hash .8g
THC: 29.95% 0.8g
24K w/ Wedding Cake Hash
THC: 60.15% 1g
Velvet Goo - 5 Star Rosin
THC: 63.76% 1g
Afgooey 5 Star Hashish Rosin
THC: 27.53% 0.8g
OG Twist Hash-Infused
THC: 21.63% 0.8g
Gelato Hash-infused