Guild Extracts

Guild Extracts

Guild Extracts is a California-based, artisanal producer of award-winning concentrates for the cannabis connoisseur.

They specialize in small batch, handcrafted “exotic” extracts that are known for their unrivaled potency, flavor and aromatics.

Guild Extracts is recognized as a “legacy” brand that pioneered some of the most innovative extraction methods in the cannabis industry – most notably molecular isolates and high terpene extracts. They were the first to commercially market 99.9% pure THCA crystalline, which set a new standard as the purest and most potent extract ever made. Their patented extraction techniques utilize light hydrocarbon solvents as a method that preserves the original cannabinoid and terpene profile of the cannabis flower, yielding maximum flavor, aromatics and strain-specificity.

Their team has been steeped in the cannabis industry for over two decades and is dedicated to preserving its cultural heritage while continuing to push the artistic and scientific boundaries of cannabis extraction.

Guild Extracts – Where Art Meets Science

THC: 74.94% 1g
THC: 56.02% 1g
Orange Cookies
THC: 76.42% 1g
Super Sour Diesel
THC: 72% 1g
African Queen
THC: 68.79% 0.5g
Gelato High Potency
THC: 70.31% 0.5g
Berry White Full Spectrum
THC: 64.25% 0.5g
African Queen Full Spectrum
THC: 57% 0.5g
Fruit Punch
THC: 80.27% 1g
Tangie Diamond Sauce
THC: 83.85% 1g
Hindu Kush High Potency
THC: 83.69% 1g
Cereal Jack High Potency
THC: 77.81% 1g
GMO Live Resin
THC: 99.48% 0.5g
THCa Crystalline
THC: 78.98% 0.5g
Red Dragon
THC: 79.69% 0.5g
Goji OG High Potency
THC: 85.44% 0.5g
Blue Frost
THC: 76.33% 0.5g
THC: 51.8% 0.5g
Dr Who Delta 8 Sauce
THC: 98.16% 0.5g
Venom OG THCa Powder
THC: 72.83% 1g
Purple Punch Live Resin
THC: 80.25% 1g
Lemon Slushie Live Resin
THC: 73.4% 0.5g
Tri-Fi Cookies Batter
THC: 79.89% 0.5g
Pineapple Runtz Batter
THC: 78.8% 0.5g
Pineapple Cookies Batter
THC: 77.69% 0.5g
Harambe Kush Batter
THC: 68% 0.5g
Cherry Jubilee Batter
THC: 71% 0.5g
Biscotti Batter
THC: 69.28% 1g
African Queen Batter
THC: 57.05% 0.5g
Dawg Walker OG
THC: 57.63% 0.5g
Silver Haze
THC: 75.73% 0.5g
Cherry Kush