We only accept the top 1% and leave the other 99% to those with less exacting standards. We seek out responsible growers and personally inspect, smell and sample each plant we consider, backing our experiential finding with testing from one of the highest regarded labs in the world.

We are all looking for a new level of experience. With our premium product line, you can encounter that and more. We only provide experiences that deliver excellence, quality, and purity. Discover the GanjaGold standard in all of our products.

La Kush Cake
THC: 15.97% 1g
Hybrid Red Tarantula Infused
THC: 33.76% 1.2g
SFV OG Blue Tarantula
THC: 17.26% 1.2g
Sativa Red Tarantula Infused
Larry Limon
THC: 26.53% 1.2g
Chem Dog Blue Tarantula Infused
THC: 24.84% 1.2g
Purple Cream Green Tarantula
THC: 33.91% 1.2g
Ice Cream Cake Blue Tarantula
THC: 15.38% 1.2g
Indica Red Tarantula Infused
Platinum Zkittlez
THC: 27.28% 1.2g
Blue Tarantula Rainmaker
Mandarin Poison
Gelato Ice
THC: 27.59% 1.2g
Strange Things Green Tarantula
THC: 22.24% 1.2g
Animal Cake Green Tarantula
THC: 36.93% 1.2g
True Mints Blue Tarantula
THC: 21.96% 2.2g
Gelato King Tarantula Infused
THC: 21.15% 1.2g
GG Green Tarantula
THC: 30.99% 1.2g
Do-Si-Pie Blue Tarantula
THC: 22.05% 3.5g
Orange Creamsicle
THC: 20.97% 3.5g
Rockstar OG
THC: 23.8% 1.2g
GG #4 Green Tarantula
THC: 26.55% 1.2g
Trifi Cookies Blue Tarantula